Presently there’s a media blow-up over some trans dude with his pic on a can of Bud Light

Demonstrating once again it doesn’t take much for people from either side of the coin to be ready to fight

One shouldn’t blame the woke VP that green lighted the trans ad campaign as she was only following the current woke media trend

The media darlings emphasized are portrayed by unisex drones unable to think beyond what the current TikTok influencers recommend

Forget about evolution. Build a better gender through medicine and science.

And put those, inflexible in their beliefs, women back behind a household appliance

The media has always mollified women with just a cursory nod to the brilliant and brave

Joan of Arc and Madam Curie both mocked for their gender, ended as heroines, but their exploits led to an early grave

Of course there were assorted queens through the centuries but they obtained their status through marriage or birthright

But the everyday woman is continuously pushed aside, as beyond an occasional sex symbol, they just don’t seem to excite

The media was quick to take up women’s causes, and just as quickly dismissed them.

June Cleaver morphed into stronger roles such as Police Woman or Mary Tyler Moore. Now those roles as professionals are awarded to the femme

On the other hand, the folks declaring as trans seem to be highlighted as members of Biden’s cabinet or a sports figure

Their attempt at the opposite sex appears to be desperate as their mirror gives them a different vision than the finished product the public sees and what the doctor was trying to configure

Once again regulated to the back of the bus, women have to endure the current fad of whom the media adore

Women need to show Washington and the media that those faking their genders require no celebration and women don’t need to adjust their lives around these few anymore