Its official! Biden is running for re-election as three million migrants cheer the taxpayers continuing nightmare

While the United States citizens wonder just how much more this once thriving economy can bear

The previously mighty United States has become a worldwide laughingstock in just a shade over two Biden years

Violence across the nation has exploded keeping people behind locked doors playing to their fears

Though not as effective as the covid panic, the new fears will have to do until the coming lock downs are ordered with the new pandemic scare

Continue to call China the enemy, but secretly deposit laundered money from the communist regime in the “Big Guy’s” share

While hollering about the difficulty of voting in person, Biden still beats that dead horse

Making ballot box stuffing easy for the people who really wouldn’t lift a finger to vote for the man they now endorse

Besides, who has gas enough to power a vehicle to drive to a precinct to vote in person

As the Saudis cut oil production perceived as a slap in Biden’s face causing the price at the pump to worsen

So the miscreants, the pedophiles, and the crooked are circling the wagons to figure how best to have this drooling shell campaign

They certainly won’t let him debate as he can only read from a teleprompter and off the cuff remarks are continuously inane

He cannot field questions from the press as he appeared befuddled in Ireland by a question from a nine-year-old child

He’ll have to resort to timed responses from the press picture book answering only the softball questions his staff compiled

Then he’ll practice his sneer and sarcastic come backs to any non scripted question to preserve his air of high and mighty

Because he knows questions not previously practiced would result in another skid mark in his tighty whiteys