When in society was it decreed that one should love all of humanity

Has mankind decided to overrule human nature with this insanity

Evolution has seen to it that all living creatures are not going to get along

This behavior is for permanence and can’t be judged as right or wrong

To survive creatures attack and sometimes devour other critters

Demonstrating why many animals don’t have a single offspring but have litters

Numerous young won’t make maturity as their very life is a gamble

What’s lying in wait, an overhead shadow may mean death before the desperate scramble

Humans have long known this, they had a daily fight for their existence

Weak and slow they only survived through their persistence

They fought other families, tribes, predators and elements

Before discovering strength in numbers and formed protected settlements

Instinct was to distrust others on sight and of different behavior suspicious

To foolishly drop one’s guard could cause one to defend an act intended as malicious

Through the passage of time civilization has evolved but not much changed

People born into a certain group had their destiny prearranged

Their gender, race, religion, economic standing all factored into the final combination

If your birthright hit the right number of marks your life wouldn’t be one of exploitation

The civil rights of the 60’s fostered a change by government authority

No longer could a group be denied liberty if they were a minority

Brave people marched, sat-in and came together protesting their lack of rights

Facing water hoses, snarling dogs, and murderous riders of the knights

Minorities of all races, religions, and genders then became equal under the law

Gone were colored water fountains and side entrances to theaters’ balconies as government oversaw

Unsmiling, club swinging crew cut cops were ordered to show sensitivity

All races were subjected to a constant barrage of political messages touting objectivity

Bussing sent reluctant children to schools redistricted by well meaning planners

Looking for an instant acceptance, forced integration was figured to provide the answers

The draft and Vietnam helped produce understanding by sharing water, food, blood and grief

The effort to stay alive and return whole formed a bond among many albeit brief

As the war wound down and disappeared into the the rear view mirror

The government vision of integration and anti bigotry became a lot less clear

Peace time made for a re-dedication to the principle of money and getting ahead

There was not a lot of thought to humanity as the worship of the dollar became widespread

Groups that had like positions in society tended to seek the same neighborhoods

While the government regulations and decrees continued to sell the same bill of goods

Little did the controlling powers realize that the color of money changes everything

A feeling of accomplishment, a paycheck, a small vacation can put moods on an upswing

From board rooms to manufacturing jobs, people want a purpose and pride in life

A secure job not living week to week and a positive daily routine can ease the strife

As jobs disappeared overseas,  service management and white collar jobs remained

Leaving a wide gap of workers to fill entry level and menial jobs for the untrained

Further training to acquire higher paying jobs meant an additional expense or to enlist

With no additional money to spend or four years taking orders the idea was dismissed

Even high school diplomas don’t advance workers in entry level jobs far or fast

Working forty hours a week to bring home a grand a month, the money doesn’t last

The man climbs on one’s back to grind him down and keep him there

There’s no fast money or reality television lifestyle just misery and despair

The social programs pay just as well as entry level, just a matter of manipulating forms

An over worked social worker probably won’t come around to see everyone conforms

It’s easier to collect government pay than washing the linen from countless hotel beds

Money is just as green and spends as well regardless if from an employer or the feds

Work ethic, family values and scholastic pursuit became a sign of weakness

Without a trade or education the want ads became an unfocused vision of bleakness

Pop culture celebrates an alternate lifestyle of violence and drugs at high decibels

Dangerous but rewarding the world is a lot simpler than toiling away with paper and pencils

Being baddest became a much sought after trait, people would treat one with respect

Gangs were formed and territories’ aligned, an area that the group must protect

Life has gone back in time to defend one own from outside forces

The leaders assigns his people their duties, rules are implemented that the group enforces

Any interference from the outside is meant with suspicion and should be shunned

Be ready to stand one’s ground, fight for your territory, and don’t be out gunned

Law enforcement is only around to enforce the government’s racist policies

The cops aren’t trusted, they’re just an arm of the man’s bureaucracies

If all else fails while protecting your turf or venting frustrations it’s easy to pull the r-card

Once labeled a racist an elected official will not be held in high regard

An easy way to keep enforcement from one’s business and control of one’s domain

So the politicians look the other way as it’s easier than having to explain

Why you’re not a racist, why the good policies failed, why people can’t escape

When birthright determines one’s standing, life becomes difficult to reshape

Playing the cards that were dealt is an easy a path to follow

But throwing one’s life away by the 20th birthday is a hard fact to swallow.

Not realizing until late that the thin line of opportunity is gone by forty five

Upward mobility is all but over and one is there only to survive