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July 2022

Two Bits Four Bits Gimmie Your Dollar

The reports are out and in spite of the economy’s downward trend and gloomy outlook, there is no recession

To acknowledge the President’s policies were failures would require an upright person to give an honest confession

Touting the fact the price of gas was down 50 cents at the pump the Press Secretary was waving the victory banner

She had to shout loudly as the calls for police officers to handle the current lawless outbreak were non-stop on the police scanner

Ukrainian President Zelensky was demanding more money from US taxpayers as he needed to equip new troops to be used for Soviet target practice

He needs to teach his troops the use of available camouflage lessons practiced by the migrants streaming across the SW border by hiding behind cactus

That way Americans can continue to fund the survival of Ukrainian troops and citizens and half a million southern border got-aways

Rather than border closure, we need to endure paying the costs of transportation, education and room and board to save them from camping next to the railways

Inasmuch as this group of experts has proclaimed there is no recession, there is no need to worry about an unchecked rise in healthcare expense

Now that people have caught on to the covid payola scam, the administration is grasping at straws with the monkey pox red herring defense

But fear not, the climate change czar has parked his pollution spewing private jet after multiple transcontinental flights to fight carbon emission

Ensuring that people will shiver and starve worldwide as common folk struggle with this ridiculous and unnecessary transition

This administration cannot admit to a recession. They’ll just rewrite the definition to suit their needs

They have no problem lying, spying, and obstructing the American people. This vile form of vermin continues in power by the blood of the American citizens on which it feeds

That groping feeling in your pants are the self-appointed elites of this world feeling for your last dime

All this is planned to distract the public from corrupt members of congress and the vipers living in the White House, all partners in crime

So, two bits four bits six bits a dollar
We’re not satisfied with your misery until you holler
As we want you poor, ignorant and living in squalor

It Tastes Like Fried Chicken

Dinner was hours ago and all homework had been completed. It was time for a little TV and a pan of Swifty Pop

The kids were beside themselves as they watched the foil covering expand and steam escape through its top

The popping sound only increased the anticipation because in three short minutes the kids would all be crunching down on bugs

Mom and Dad, with heads together, looked happily on this family moment feeling the heart string tugs

The TV volume has to be increased as the crunching sound became really loud

A good time was had by all, but unfortunately due to inflation only one bowl per kid was allowed

Yes sir, the New Green Deal was working as planned. Americans everywhere were becoming amateur chefs and entomologists

The current administration was gleefully claiming success and promoters of climate change had no apologists

Not surprisingly, new You Tube videos were appearing showing the proper way to saute grubs

Various accompaniments were debuting on grocery shelves including sauces, dips and rubs

Harvesting backyard bugs had become a phenomenon with countless internet articles and DIY’s

Showing various traps, digging tools for worms and specialty plates to place under the bug zapper to securely hold flies

Of course, for the ruling elite, the cuts of beef, pork and chicken are offered daily on the menus

As the dining areas offered no bugs for consumption in any of the restaurant venues

But take heart America, the Washington elites might consider bug-fare gross and only suitable for all those whose social standing from theirs are considered beneath

But scientists are hard at work to get that dung taste out of worms and creating legless crickets so the body parts don’t get caught in your teeth

A Movie, A Concession Stand, and a Brinks Truck

The weather forecast once again was calling for no relief from the current heat wave

And the local Bijou is showing the summer blockbuster movie featuring a star who’s always been a fave

The film had been released four weeks ago so the lines to get in have dwindled

Figuring we could catch the first showing at reduced ticket prices, we wouldn’t feel swindled

So to speed up the ticket process we decided to purchase on-line, so we could breeze right in to our seat

Swallowing hard when the ticket prices showed up in the click to buy box the afternoon reduced price was way more when it was printed on the receipt

Checking back on the fine print, the amount charged was an add-on for a processing and handling fee

It seems a surcharge of four fifty was considered a small price to pay to get into a movie hassle-free

But this was early afternoon and an escape from the heat with an enjoyable film seemed like winner

Slowly advancing to the pick up ticket window as the the old folks shuffle was in full swing, they too were figuring on a movie and an early bird dinner

So we took our place behind three blue-hairs who spent the next ten minutes looking through old Kleenexes, pill boxes, and breath mints for exact change

While the seductive smell of fresh popcorn wafted over everyone standing downrange

It was at this point where we realized a Brinks truck was necessary if we needed popcorn and a drink to enjoy the showing

The best value deal on the menu board consisted of a reusable five gallon bucket of popcorn and a half gallon of soda to keep the type II diabetes growing and the bladder flowing

All for $49.95 with free refills and if one brings the bucket back to a future showing your popcorn will only be two bucks

So a lesson was learned, it would be cheaper to have a early lunch at a four star restaurant before the movie and you won’t have to buy your snacks with sacks of money protected by armed guards from the Brinks trucks

Refusing All Responsibility

Once again he looked into the camera and whispered as he read, “It’s not my fault”

The fact America wakes up everyday poorer than the day before is due to the Ukrainian assault

Take no responsibility for any of your actions has become the new mantra for weak kneed Americans everywhere

Do something wrong, fail to pay off a debt, break a promise and there’s no longer a need to despair

Promise to unite America and end the hateful division and in less than two years you’ve managed to increase the parties’ separation

Blame all that on the republicans and the previous administration

Appoint your Vice President to take control of the border crisis and the unchecked immigration

After a 45-minute visit she offered up word salad about root causes and nothing at all about the Constitutional law desecration

Offer the manufacturers of the covid “vaccines” total immunity to any tragic side effects and any subsequent lawsuits

Continue to issue government mandates to effectively control the citizens without any fear of legal disputes

Forgive college loans that were willingly signed and now the $125,000 liberal arts degree isn’t providing enough to survive

One just didn’t think that a huge monthly note for the next thirty years would be hard to honor at twenty-eight five

Criminals can openly shop lift, attack the weak, and shoot at will but that’s not about behavior it’s all about their upbringing

As Congress stays obsessed with the January 6th keg party gone bad causing six weeks of taxpayer funded hand wringing

When you take no responsibility for any of your decisions it’s easy to stomp on the flag, written laws and citizens’ rights

Then claim its everyone elses’ fault when every decision fails and no one unites

A Solution to America’s Drug Problem

Much has been written lately about America’s drug induced mental illness. The hand wringing has now become front and center

Lawlessness and drug zombies are filmed daily as this administration allows massive quantities of drugs from other countries to the USA to enter

Everyone is looking for their next high and willing to do anything to find chemical paradise

Sell their possessions, their bodies, or theft becomes their only occupation as their brain screams to feed it’s vice

The gutless media has taken up this cause under the dumping ground label of mental illness

Videos of tent encampments and countless people with fixed pupils and rampant drug issues are shown nightly as evidence of this sickness

The White House seems to not understand that a new czar that can fully appreciate this problem occasionally lives right under their roof

The Biden family of low lives has it’s own drug expert with a laptop as proof

Unlike appointing his incompetent Vice President to fix the border

The assignment for this individual was made to order

The President could appoint his own son as the new White House drug lord

And for just 10% to the big guy, his son will think this time he really scored

His advice could prove invaluable as he would be quick to know where the good drugs are coming from

And to protect the American citizens he would personally try them all to see which ones give the glorious high and which just make you numb

So take heart America, there’s hope on the horizon for America’s drug issue

The Bidens own the solution that can ride to the rescue

650 Bulldozers

Sleeping had been difficult. The previous twenty years of hard work had been wiped away in eighteen months by one failed administration

401, savings and a somewhat comfortable life had all been eradicated with the inflation taxation

Finally, drifting off, this individual had a new dream, and not the ongoing nightmare of demons chasing him down a narrow pathway

This vision came like a lightning bolt. The sequence, though somewhat blurry had a solution for Washington’s disarray

The nations’ citizens had been calling for deliverance from the left wing’s agenda disguised as climate change

The farce of blaming all things bad on Russia had become old hat. The dream image of fast resolution now didn’t seem at all strange

Washington has become united only by their childish behavior on both sides of the aisle

Demonstrated daily on all subjects such as Ukraine spending, the pandemic hoax, abortion rights, immigration, and the January 6th monkey trial

There is one sure bet however, these congressional people will all think with their wallet first and how to keep the money flowing to themselves

While America’s suffering and needs are reflected in higher prices and empty store shelves

It seems that neither house of congress can operate before 10am, so wait until the executive branch has it’s morning briefing with a side of prune juice and congress gavels to order

Then ring the west side of the congressional hill with 650 bulldozers like immigrants charging the southern border

Just remember to keep the elected officials rooted in place by waving an idea of more payola under their noses

And let the dozers push east until all that’s left is blacktop and a garden of roses

Burning that vilified diesel fuel, keep those big treads crashing through the congressional halls like a steer in a china shop

And keep pushing east until all the bull shit disappears and the bubbles stop

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