The weather forecast once again was calling for no relief from the current heat wave

And the local Bijou is showing the summer blockbuster movie featuring a star who’s always been a fave

The film had been released four weeks ago so the lines to get in have dwindled

Figuring we could catch the first showing at reduced ticket prices, we wouldn’t feel swindled

So to speed up the ticket process we decided to purchase on-line, so we could breeze right in to our seat

Swallowing hard when the ticket prices showed up in the click to buy box the afternoon reduced price was way more when it was printed on the receipt

Checking back on the fine print, the amount charged was an add-on for a processing and handling fee

It seems a surcharge of four fifty was considered a small price to pay to get into a movie hassle-free

But this was early afternoon and an escape from the heat with an enjoyable film seemed like winner

Slowly advancing to the pick up ticket window as the the old folks shuffle was in full swing, they too were figuring on a movie and an early bird dinner

So we took our place behind three blue-hairs who spent the next ten minutes looking through old Kleenexes, pill boxes, and breath mints for exact change

While the seductive smell of fresh popcorn wafted over everyone standing downrange

It was at this point where we realized a Brinks truck was necessary if we needed popcorn and a drink to enjoy the showing

The best value deal on the menu board consisted of a reusable five gallon bucket of popcorn and a half gallon of soda to keep the type II diabetes growing and the bladder flowing

All for $49.95 with free refills and if one brings the bucket back to a future showing your popcorn will only be two bucks

So a lesson was learned, it would be cheaper to have a early lunch at a four star restaurant before the movie and you won’t have to buy your snacks with sacks of money protected by armed guards from the Brinks trucks