Dinner was hours ago and all homework had been completed. It was time for a little TV and a pan of Swifty Pop

The kids were beside themselves as they watched the foil covering expand and steam escape through its top

The popping sound only increased the anticipation because in three short minutes the kids would all be crunching down on bugs

Mom and Dad, with heads together, looked happily on this family moment feeling the heart string tugs

The TV volume has to be increased as the crunching sound became really loud

A good time was had by all, but unfortunately due to inflation only one bowl per kid was allowed

Yes sir, the New Green Deal was working as planned. Americans everywhere were becoming amateur chefs and entomologists

The current administration was gleefully claiming success and promoters of climate change had no apologists

Not surprisingly, new You Tube videos were appearing showing the proper way to saute grubs

Various accompaniments were debuting on grocery shelves including sauces, dips and rubs

Harvesting backyard bugs had become a phenomenon with countless internet articles and DIY’s

Showing various traps, digging tools for worms and specialty plates to place under the bug zapper to securely hold flies

Of course, for the ruling elite, the cuts of beef, pork and chicken are offered daily on the menus

As the dining areas offered no bugs for consumption in any of the restaurant venues

But take heart America, the Washington elites might consider bug-fare gross and only suitable for all those whose social standing from theirs are considered beneath

But scientists are hard at work to get that dung taste out of worms and creating legless crickets so the body parts don’t get caught in your teeth