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February 2022

Clearly Basically Literally

Literally, basically, and clearly are three of the most hackneyed adverbs in American speech today

Stick a microphone in someone’s face and count the seconds until literally comes into play

Literally, used for emphasis in this pretentious world, the recipients of a conversation wouldn’t understand the gist without the use of this adverb

This takes the discussion from mere acknowledgment to something literally superb

Basically is used to describe something fundamental in nature or disposition

Because if it wasn’t pointed out early what was basic, appreciation of what follows might best be left to an academician

Listen to an announcer’s spiel and because you might be an ignoramus, you’ll be told basically what the speech entails

And because of the potential doofus syndrome, we can’t divulge many details as more than basics might send you off the rails

Clearly emphasizes what is clear. If a current sentence doesn’t enlighten one, by using the the adverb clearly, one’s eyes would now open to the meaning

If used correctly the word aids in a dullard’s understanding and doesn’t sound so demeaning

Take these exhausted adverbs out of everyday speech and the daily portion of word salad would be lacking the rancid dressing

The average broadcaster, columnist, and citizen would need to up their vocabulary as they would have a real problem with their thoughts expressing

One can’t just banish these words from their everyday lingo because basically one would clearly have a hard time literally speaking

Think about it, clearly Biden’s weakness basically has his puppet masters rejoicing as the exorbitant gas prices can be a plus for his New Green Deal and keep the left from literally freaking

Hell Hath No Fury

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble”

Hillary has seethed for the last five years and it’s time again to turn Trump to rubble

The world of politics continuously demonstrates that it’s inhabited by a small-minded community

Forget about voters, forget about fixing the things DC has broken, forget about unity

Thanks to the huge mistake Biden is, voters have begun to realize the entrenched Washington politicians have all the scruples of a bottom of the deck card dealer

“Vote for me, vote for me, I have your back,” states the candidate with all the sincerity of a snake oil huckster and a carnival faith healer

They’re counting on the fact Americans have the memory of a fruit gnat and the attention span of a two year old

Hillary, with MSM help, will portray the orange man as bad, the current leader as having run his course, and is hoping to strike gold

Please forget about half the population as being deplorables and blowing off the Benghazi slaughter

The end of coal miners, personal e-mail servers, ask the Ukrainians about how the reset button is working, and how to shoot the rapids from Whitewater

The list goes on, but one wonders. Is this the best the democrats can do?

It’s like opening the refrigerator and seeing last week’s left overs, always the same ingrediants in five day old stew

Another old white person, a bitter woman with another annoying cackle and a pompous smirk

It seems the dems require a female candidate to have a questionable past, the repulsing “grima” of a laugh, and the ability to pop up at election time like clockwork

Do Covid Police Get A Pass?

Much has been made in the news about police brutality in recent years

Send the police to quiet a boisterous gathering and a potentially dangerous person is forcibly arrested and the reputation of that department the press smears

With thousands of arrests made daily, mental health, uncontrolled rage, and everyday criminals can create numerous life and death incidents

Add in the idiot cop in Minneapolis, pushing his weight on an individual’s neck setting up a year long vocal and violent anti-cop sentiments

Do the majority of well-meaning hard working cops deserve this notoriety?

Obviously not. For the most part they serve the people and help protect general society


The pandemic rules and regulations became the cops’ hall pass

Either you follow the commands set by some petty tyrant wallowing in both arrogance and ignorance or the cops will kick your ass

This is the same group defending their restraint and asking for a more wholesome depiction

But watch as they drag a concerned parent away from the mic because some pompous school board member thought the right to interpret the Constitution was within their jurisdiction

Stop everyday citizens on the the street to see if their paperwork was in order and arrest them if they can’t produce

Hiding behind the mask mandate, they have the government backing for their power to abuse

Violently attack peaceful protesters in Canada. Beat and arrest at will

Because the jaundiced oppressor in charge wasn’t satisfied he ordered his own brown shirts to drag pets out of the truck cabs to kill

Cover their names and badge numbers, conceal their faces behind riot helmets, and push through the crowd on horseback trampling an old lady with a walking device

All because a maskless trucker might infect the miniture hula dancer shimmying on the dash or hanging from the mirror, the fuzzy dice

So officers, what’s it gonna be? Are you really the good guys doing a hard job?

Or the brutal storm troopers forcing your anger and prejudices on a peaceful mob?

How Low Can They Go?

It finally happened, the gloves had been dropped and the socialist agenda was under attack

The opponents had squared off, were staring in each others’ eyes and talking smack

The loose string had been pulled as the governments were unraveling like a cheap sweater

Canada and the US, joined at the hip were pushing their agendas such as mask mandates and Build Back Better

These policies were designed by the socialist think tank to keep people pointed in their leftist direction and under their thumb

The problem, thanks to social media, were the people were a little more educated, organized and not so dumb

Back in the day, the rules were set by lobbyists, special interests, and large corporations

The rules were created around these back room meetings and forced on the workers with no explanations

The nightly news then offered up the rulings in thirty minute segments as unquestionable fact

But thanks to Al Gore’s internet, this elitist view into the crystal ball of the future was dropped and cracked

The horror that is knowledgeable voters caused great concern to the leaders elected to serve society

Suddenly the public started questioning these elected officials causing the self appointed overlords much anxiety

To counter, the tyrants created measures hoping to send those questioning their decrees back into seclusion

The fact these mandates would be continually accepted as gospel was just another elitist delusion

Canada has employed the Emergencies Act to force the very lifeblood of this autocrat’s country to obey his commands

Big Banking has frozen the accounts of those in defiance of his demands

Makes one wonder about the security of using financial institutions to secure their well-being

Perhaps this is a lesson to all as knowledge gained by this Twerp’s decrees are valuable in future foreseeing

Uncle Joe is losing control, as his pandemic plan is falling apart and the virus is disappearing in its natural cyclical mutating stages

World leaders do not fear his presence, and his planned inflation is rising way more rapidly than their wages

Finally, the people had enough of these despicable errors in judgement and began “waving their private parts at his aunties”

Hoping this will force some semblance of logical thinking and untwisting the knot that is Joe and Justin’s panties

Put Paul Revere on Alert! The Truckers are Coming

The lantern had been hung in the church tower. The one light was shining bright, meaning the truckers were coming by land

The hand wringing had started. The White House had no Paul Revere to muster the troops as the truckers drew their line in the sand

End the mandates, use the masks to solve the toilet paper shortage, and stick the jabs where the sun don’t shine

The working class had enough. The self-seeking rules of the CDC and the rest of the pretentious decrees by pompous rulers amounted to no more than casting pearls before swine

The brave Canadian truckers had demonstrated to the world that a heavily politicized disease used to contol a population could only be enforced for so long

The big rigs were quickly joined by farmers’ tractors and everyday vehicles to show to the world that Canada’s weak kneed leader was wrong

Supported by fellow countrymen, they had proven to the autocrats they were fed up with their repressive government regulations

Willing to sacrifice their own livelihood and well-being, they were waving their own signs in defiance of Trudeau’s proclamations

Following in the footsteps of his neighbors to the south and resorting to American political divisiveness, Trudeau took to childish name-calling

First hiding from the chaos, he reappeared when the economy and travel around Ottawa began to tank, but his lack of respect to hard-working Canadians is what most found galling

Now Biden wants it stopped. Perhaps with his own miserable track record, he can team up with Trudeau to star in the 2022 version of Dumb and Dumber.

Add in the crackerjack Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who as usual will accomplish nothing, and the three stooges can all hold hands and skip off to Biden’s beachfront home to spend the summer

What a long strange trip it’s been,”sang the Greatful Dead in their song Truckin’

In one seemingly endless year the government was able to take a thriving economy and throttle it down to the point of sucking

But just like the cowboy thrown from his bronc, he shakes it off and gets back on to keep on buckin’

The truckers will roll with the government punches and park their big rigs when it’s necessary to KEEP ON TRUCKIN’


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines insidious as an adjective, “causing harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed.”

The Biden administration currently employs this policy to accept his vision and the fact he prioritizes tax paying citizens in the pecking order as the lowest

He is striving to pressure American folks in conceding to a higher cost of living, the uniform wearing of masks, and being overrun with illegal migrants

His advisors are downright joyful considering the future progressive democrats can cross the border at will since there are no requirements

The areas where these ill prepared and unskilled will settle will bear the burden of schooling and training

It doesn’t matter to DC as this is all in the game plan. Eventually the socialist outcry will result in voting rights and the socialist agenda will win without campaigning

The New Green Deal will become ground zero to raise the tax base and pay for the New World Plan

The once proud America will disappear as manufacturing is outsourced, tech jobs vanish, and farming will be government controlled all happening in a short time span

Gas lines will be long for five dollar gas and people will brag about filling up for only four eighty-nine.

The chip shortage is fictional as software is being developed to track your every move and the new car scarcity is by design

The new chips will allow the government to see your time spent driving, your mileage, time away from your listed address, and with a nod to the new Green Deal, charge you for heat and air

In your new electric auto, driving will be taxable offense, enjoyed only by the privileged so buyer beware

Is this administration out to destroy the middle class? Don’t ask the President as he is just a talking puppet and runs from the press

Forget about creating a better life for your family. When you accept the fact you’re about to become nothing more than a bit of revenue the government will consider that progress

Come Back Mr Trump, We Need You

The people have spoken, the current administration is in total disarray and we need Trump back

The party is running scared and all fingers are now pointing to their leader who regularly demonstrates he’s not the sharpest tack

The weary public is tired of the pandemic excuse, blamed as the culprit for all things wrong, the reasoning has become worn and frayed

Still hiding behind the conveniently shifting science, the CDC is once again blaming bats when all logic indicates the virus was man made

The border czar is using any excuse to disguise the fact her leadership has been an exercise in futility

The one two punch of the Biden/Harris ticket has brought major concerns from the democrat party about future electability

But hope is on the horizon as Trump is talking about running for office again

He’s once again mounted the stage, gloated over his adoring fans, and listened to his own pitchmen

For the first time in a year he represents good news to the democrat’s propaganda machine

With the continual debacle of the current Presidency, the press is beside themselves knowing shortly they’ll have the Trump train to demean

Social media and the networks have had a rough year trying to prop up the senile puppet with hollow praise

It’s time to start sending out the message of hatred to the ill informed so on election day the current President stays

The MSM mindless toadies are all popping celebration corks as now they have a reason to rejoice

Because more than anything else, Trump loves the sound of his own voice

Goad him just a bit and off he’ll go on some thin-skinned bombastic rant

Then smugly back up his statement cheered by his same vacant eyed legions and his kids who serve as his only confidants

If only the democrats could convince Jack Dorsey to reinstate Trump’s bullying Twitter account

The remaining obstacles in the path to remain in the White House would become easier to surmount

Red Rover Red Rover Send Russia Right Over

The Biden administration, itching to start a conflict, is caught in their own weird playground game

By continually poking Putin to send his troops into Ukraine, Biden can do his best MacArthur impersonation in freedom’s name

Russia has massed troops at the Ukrainian border and can take the country any time it wants

Faster than the Taliban in Afghanistan, if Russia crosses, it’s only a matter of hours before they’re dining in Kyiv’s finest restaurants

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has told Biden and his pack of pathetic wimpy mouthpieces to back off and quit trying to create an armed hostility

Ukraine is in the middle of a pissing contest between Washington and Moscow. One is governed by a hard-nosed ruler and one is frightfully close to senility

Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO and be controlled by the Allied Command and therefore the USA

The US knows that if Russia decides to cross the border and conquers what is a free country they won’t be going anywhere and will stay

So it goes, the US has placed 8500 troops on high alert to help defend the European nations

Apparently the Washington War Machine has decided 8500 is a good round number of acceptable losses to increase NATO demarcations

It’s a lose/lose situation for Zelensky. He can join NATO and watch the Russian tanks roll past his breakfast table

Or he can welcome Russia into his country and try to keep as much of his government intact as he’s able

But allowing Biden to call the shots on the out manned and out gunned Ukrainian Red Rover team

Is just an open invitation for the horror of war to be thrust on the citizens of Ukraine before submitting to the inevitable communist regime

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