Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble”

Hillary has seethed for the last five years and it’s time again to turn Trump to rubble

The world of politics continuously demonstrates that it’s inhabited by a small-minded community

Forget about voters, forget about fixing the things DC has broken, forget about unity

Thanks to the huge mistake Biden is, voters have begun to realize the entrenched Washington politicians have all the scruples of a bottom of the deck card dealer

“Vote for me, vote for me, I have your back,” states the candidate with all the sincerity of a snake oil huckster and a carnival faith healer

They’re counting on the fact Americans have the memory of a fruit gnat and the attention span of a two year old

Hillary, with MSM help, will portray the orange man as bad, the current leader as having run his course, and is hoping to strike gold

Please forget about half the population as being deplorables and blowing off the Benghazi slaughter

The end of coal miners, personal e-mail servers, ask the Ukrainians about how the reset button is working, and how to shoot the rapids from Whitewater

The list goes on, but one wonders. Is this the best the democrats can do?

It’s like opening the refrigerator and seeing last week’s left overs, always the same ingrediants in five day old stew

Another old white person, a bitter woman with another annoying cackle and a pompous smirk

It seems the dems require a female candidate to have a questionable past, the repulsing “grima” of a laugh, and the ability to pop up at election time like clockwork