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A Trip To The Trans Zoo

The field trip was the big event for the week. The progressive pre-k was going to the Trans Zoo

The little wokesters were all excited to see the new breed of animals from the strutting ostriches to the flamboyant kangaroo

The kids all piled off the minibus with their name tags and official Trans Zoo coloring book

Squealing with delight at the rogue elephant wearing eye shadow, the lioness wearing a wig, and the penguin in high heels, they all pressed closer to get a better look

The woke teachers were quick to point out how these animals were special, and they were different from just boys and girls

Just like that big gorilla in a dress and a hat accentuated by the double strings of pearls

The kids shrieked loudly as the trained giraffes performed a strange dance wearing rhinestone g-strings

And they cheered and clapped at the pink flamingos that had dyed their feathers purple only seen when they spread their wings

“You see kids, you don’t have to grow up to be just boys or girls,” stated the teacher’s aide.

Proudly observing she could see the little kids’ minds turning hoping her message of gender dysphoria had been properly conveyed

The children were all nodding like they understood until little Johnny raised his hand

“What happened to the petting zoo?” It used to be over there where it’s now a stage and a grandstand”

“What happened to the babies? Last time we were here we got to feed a little llama”

“We fed it milk from a bottle that was made by its mama”

“Well Johnny,” stated the aide, “There are no more babies as these animals can’t make a little one”

“You see Johnny, these animals were operated on, so they can never have a daughter or a son”

“These animals are special. The zoo decided that in order to be different they should never be able to reproduce”

“That’s not fair,” screamed little Johnny. “We should be able to feed the babies and not just look at a panty hose wearing moose”

“Besides without babies this zoo won’t be here very long.”

“These animals are going to get old and no one wants to look at a decrepit pig with lipstick wearing a thong”

When You Realize Everyone Lies

You were educated in what was thought as a quality public education. Your daily lectures were interspersed with lessons concerning CRT, gender dysphoria, and white guilt

But the past couple of years doubt started creeping in based on personal observations of the country’s failings this current controlling political party has built

The college degree still years from being paid, netted a low paying barista job in an area beset by daily crime

Originally obsessed with proper pronouns, socialism and whatever fight the media is currently pursuing, you are now passing the hours one latte at a time

The depressing sameness of living each day with an angry mental hair trigger had become soul crushing

All the while striving for the Utopian life the cloistered tenured professors had been gushing

When in reality the idea of home ownership, travel abroad, and the end to student loans were a just a pipe dream

Used and fleeced by the idealistic spouting left, leaving your self value feeling as a lowly pawn in a mad man’s scheme

You’d tattoo’d, pierced, and dyed. You’d marched, protested, hung out and hooked up and then it hit you right between the eyes

Your sainted leftist leaders, the ones you voted for, fought for, and ostracized friends and family for were using you and everyone lies

It turns out this leftist group were way worse that those capitalist pigs for the past few years you had cursed

The left had always been about their own greed. The border crisis, Russian collusion, big Pharma shots, Ukraine money laundering, and the New Green Deal were an orchestrated plot to help quench this avaricious thirst

The capitalist pigs desired wealth and power but at least grudgingly paid their workers to achieve their riches

Your once worshiped leftist leaders had turned out to be just a bunch of lying, cheating, covetous sons of bitches

So who will try to sell this socialist agenda when this elected dishonest senile fool is finally run out of town on a rail

The decision could be tough as most of the current elected leaders have a good chance of being in jail

Come on Colleagues, Lets Exploit a New Group of Poor People

Washington’s elite were positively giddy. With the non-stop border crossings, suddenly there was a whole new generation of working class

The last group of manual laborers had become restless demanding this, demanding that and had become a royal pain in the ass

But now there were millions crossing the border and the ruling class gleefully acknowledge the Republican citizens will never give these non-citizens a chance to vote

So now the the DC royalty have a new generation of people to wash their limos, trim their hedges, and their bags to tote

The ruling class now has a chance to blend all recent border crossers in with the long time dreamers they have to managed to avoid for years

Now that Congress can’t tell a dreamer from a new migrant any chance for citizenship suddenly has disappeared

The old lechers on the hill are beside themselves as unaccompanied minors poured across the river and into waiting vans

They were drooling in anticipation to get one of these new innocents in their gnarled hands

Claiming the border is secure and immigration is down, the White House is satisfied with the results

Thanks to the fawning media, a deaf ear is turned to the dottering liar in charge by the everyday people whose intelligence he insults

“My son is innocent, Ukraine is the hot button for worldwide freedom, white supremacy is the root of all evil, and the border is secure”

Only the ignorant, the ruling class, and the true puppet masters spew that line of manure

As the next wave of manual labor flows across the river thinking a better life and prosperity is up for grabs

And now the only advantage this work force has is no one crossing today has to take any of the poisonous jabs

When The Village Fails The Child

Long living under the mantra of “it takes a village to raise a child,” government agencies sold the public this lie and proclaimed everything was good

Forget about the nuclear family, strong parenting, and solid public education. The kids today are being raised by tired old grannies and lessons from the hood

Violence has now become an acceptable form of behavior. Learn to take what you want and let only the chumps pay

Intimidation rules. Respect comes from having it all your way

After all, you have watched your broken family of relatives live in the same roach filled neighborhood for five generations

The daily grind of hand outs and just scraping by has led to years of desolate frustrations

Continuously feeling the empty nothingness the future holds, erupting in a moment of fury over what is perceived as a slight isn’t much of a reach

Whether its destroying a c-store display, slapping a fast food worker or slamming another magazine into the breech

For years the government has patted the underserved on the head and stated everyone will have an equal opportunity

When in reality, no government or public school has done a thing to improve the community

The current administration seems more concerned with electric cars, tearing down womens’ sports and keeping the borders unrestrained

They had promised to unite, give all a fair shake, eliminate poverty and hunger or at least that’s what they campaigned

So the real lesson learned was a few minutes of furious power on the road to nowhere

Is better than just another day of disappointments and despair

It’s Official

Its official! Biden is running for re-election as three million migrants cheer the taxpayers continuing nightmare

While the United States citizens wonder just how much more this once thriving economy can bear

The previously mighty United States has become a worldwide laughingstock in just a shade over two Biden years

Violence across the nation has exploded keeping people behind locked doors playing to their fears

Though not as effective as the covid panic, the new fears will have to do until the coming lock downs are ordered with the new pandemic scare

Continue to call China the enemy, but secretly deposit laundered money from the communist regime in the “Big Guy’s” share

While hollering about the difficulty of voting in person, Biden still beats that dead horse

Making ballot box stuffing easy for the people who really wouldn’t lift a finger to vote for the man they now endorse

Besides, who has gas enough to power a vehicle to drive to a precinct to vote in person

As the Saudis cut oil production perceived as a slap in Biden’s face causing the price at the pump to worsen

So the miscreants, the pedophiles, and the crooked are circling the wagons to figure how best to have this drooling shell campaign

They certainly won’t let him debate as he can only read from a teleprompter and off the cuff remarks are continuously inane

He cannot field questions from the press as he appeared befuddled in Ireland by a question from a nine-year-old child

He’ll have to resort to timed responses from the press picture book answering only the softball questions his staff compiled

Then he’ll practice his sneer and sarcastic come backs to any non scripted question to preserve his air of high and mighty

Because he knows questions not previously practiced would result in another skid mark in his tighty whiteys

Woman Light

Presently there’s a media blow-up over some trans dude with his pic on a can of Bud Light

Demonstrating once again it doesn’t take much for people from either side of the coin to be ready to fight

One shouldn’t blame the woke VP that green lighted the trans ad campaign as she was only following the current woke media trend

The media darlings emphasized are portrayed by unisex drones unable to think beyond what the current TikTok influencers recommend

Forget about evolution. Build a better gender through medicine and science.

And put those, inflexible in their beliefs, women back behind a household appliance

The media has always mollified women with just a cursory nod to the brilliant and brave

Joan of Arc and Madam Curie both mocked for their gender, ended as heroines, but their exploits led to an early grave

Of course there were assorted queens through the centuries but they obtained their status through marriage or birthright

But the everyday woman is continuously pushed aside, as beyond an occasional sex symbol, they just don’t seem to excite

The media was quick to take up women’s causes, and just as quickly dismissed them.

June Cleaver morphed into stronger roles such as Police Woman or Mary Tyler Moore. Now those roles as professionals are awarded to the femme

On the other hand, the folks declaring as trans seem to be highlighted as members of Biden’s cabinet or a sports figure

Their attempt at the opposite sex appears to be desperate as their mirror gives them a different vision than the finished product the public sees and what the doctor was trying to configure

Once again regulated to the back of the bus, women have to endure the current fad of whom the media adore

Women need to show Washington and the media that those faking their genders require no celebration and women don’t need to adjust their lives around these few anymore

What Happened to the Tip Jar?

Before the order was placed, the greasy screen was swiveled to face the customer and digitally asked how much they wanted to tip

Fearful of what they might find lurking in the order, the customer entered the minimum shown hoping the employee putting the food order together didn’t add a surprise from their recent bathroom trip

Back in the day, one left a tip for good food, service and atmosphere

Nowadays one tips for anticipated service, or they might find a foreign object floating in their beer

It seems this trend for upfront tipping started with the great pandemic hoax

With the media, the “experts,” and this administration creating the hysteria and all the paranoia their daily lectures evokes

Before one gets to smell, taste or observe their serving a screen is swiveled around to incite one’s level of guilt

Because the rumor floating around is that a friend of a distant relative didn’t tip and something was placed in his food that got him “kilt”

Besides no one wants to lift the crown of their bun and wonder if the spread used was really the secret sauce

So a tip before anything is delivered seems a small price to pay added to the food costs

This practice has the potential to spread like wild fire throughout every industry

Soon upfront tipping will be mandatory or risk the chance of increasing one’s morbidity

Your upcoming surgery? How much are you going to leave the anesthesiologist?

Do you want a second year med student administering the gas or someone you can trust?

How much are you giving the bus driver for your round trip ticket to the airline departure gate?

The amount advised could make the difference between arriving on time or three hours late after cruising down the wrong interstate

The tip list is now seems indefinite but it is guaranteed to end with how much are you going tip your government representative

After the influence peddling, insider trading, and lobbyist payola, a yearly tip called taxes is paid before service but this time to your wants and needs, the people behind the screen really are insensitive

Operation Potato Head: The New Woke Parent Board Game

Back in the day children were delighted to receive the games of Mr Potato Head and Operation

With Mr Potato Head, kids could spend hours with a spud and various facial features creating a hilarious figuration

With Operation a battery powered character was “operated” on with tweezers as the participants tried to remove body parts and not light the patient’s nose

But that was then as some of today’s teenagers are the gender creation of a sad game today’s woke parents chose

Hopping on the gender dysphoria bandwagon, parents feel because little Johnny was found trying to balance in mama’s heels he wants to be a girl

A hilarious TicTok video was produced as little Johnny wobbled about and with a dress supplied mama, tried to whirl

Tomboy Suzie likes baseball and to play with Tonka trucks so let’s do a radical mastectomy and fill her full of never ending shots of testosterone

All because of something that was read on a website while browsing for hair products on the phone

So the game continues as now real body parts are removed and other surgically manufactured parts are substituted in their place

Egged on by frustrated and cruel educators and misguided health clinicians, the little kids were handed a heavy burden in the human race

But the woke parents never pass an opportunity for a photo op to pose with the mirthless human they created

As the poor kids bravely stand next to the smiling parent as their lot in life had already been dictated

Would this child choose this lifestyle if the parents had waited until this child turned eighteen?

A lifetime of ostracism, looks of ridicule, and the continual pain of hormone shots all because a parent decided they had a right to alter a DNA gene

So the new world had turned kids playing a game into parents playing a game with kids

And then be furious with the few states that this barbaric game with children the law forbids

We’re A Little Worried About Joey

Wikipedia defines paranoia “as an instinct or thought process that is believed by anxiety or fear to the point of delusion or irrationality”

Knowing his days are numbered, Paranoid Joe wants to make his mark as his thoughts are increasingly occupied by his own mortality

Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs or beliefs of conspiracy causing a perceived threat towards oneself (i.e. everyone is out to get me)”

Poor Joey doesn’t realize in his anxiety, those that disrespect him the most are the real powers that be

Those powers forced a pig in a poke on the American public and just now are beginning to realize the extent of their folly

Now the hand-picked flunkies surrounding this figurehead stand helplessly by as Russia fires volley after volley

The tanks rolled into Ukraine over a year ago and tons of money were thrown in that direction to prop up the puppet regime

“We need more money, we need more weapons, we need jets, and now we need soldiers,” the T-shirt continues to scream

“Why is this happening to us?” The lapdogs wonder. All thought they reinforced the idea that every crisis could be blamed on Putin and Trump

Now China is meeting with Russia, Russia is blowing our drones out of the sky, and the last thing the world remembers of our retreat in Afghanistan is a picture of a fleeing uniformed American rump

An unhinged Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny had his marbles, Joe appears to have his printing press. By printing money he doesn’t have he thinks all is cured and everyone will like him

And from that pool of unaudited money his crooked family will continue to skim

His caretakers advise him to answer no questions as he hides from one disaster after another

And questions yelled as he staggers stiff legged from the podium go in one ear and out the other

So he hides on his private beach making America’s problems all based on climate change and race

While hoping some other world power big meany doesn’t run up and kick sand in his face

You Already Are A Pre-existing Condition

The dictionary defines a pre-existing condition as a health problem that exists before applying for a new health plan

The fact you are a citizen is now a pre-existing condition, as your life and all activities involved will be determined by an implanted chip and a transaction scan

The man had been waving his chip implanted hand over the gas pump reader and yet the pump hadn’t reset

This was puzzling as he knew for a fact that all bills had been paid and he had no debt

The warning flashed on the display screen stating the transaction was declined and to contact his local data bank

With increasing dread the man drove home as the almighty data bank stored all his personal information. He was just thankful he could get home with the gas left in his tank

It turns out this individual had not received his biannual booster shot and all activities would cease until that was achieved

The government, in selling the idea of total convenience, had implanted chips in its population for control purposes and once again to its countrymen they deceived

The chip was the ultimate tool in big brother’s totalitarian jurisdiction

The now mandatory chip was the missing piece in regulating citizen freedom and the major tool in government constriction

The chip reports all movement, medical records, financial transactions, and utility use

Though once promoted as a cure all for credit cards, interest rates, and cash, the chip had turned into a nightmare of government abuse

Now required on all newborns, the umbilical cord is clipped, a hand is implanted, and a digital number is then assigned

The robotic medical community will then know when the infant is ready for the required barrage of shots and if the schedule is not met the parents will be fined

Sixty years later the chip will determine what meds can be allowed to either extend life or speed up death

It turns out this individual was treated for a weakened heart so the chip decided it was best to hurry along this man’s last breath

The insurance companies had a field day as the chip showed this individual wasn’t going to be a perfect specimen and charged a higher rate

The data bank also knew this man’s financial situation was such the government would be able to rake in taxes from his estate

So it would be prudent to delete this person, reboot the chip, and begin again with another child

As the power brokers in DC sit around their power lunch and wonder why they are so reviled

If Jaws was Filmed By Today’s Leftist Mob

In 1975 the film Jaws was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Since then very few people have ventured into the ocean without having a Jaws moment

In 2021 a new creature was thrust on the still unsuspecting public capable of spreading anger and fear and all who disagreed were considered an unworthy opponent

The leftist mob had become the modern Jaws, unblinking, unfeeling and chewing up everything in its path

The reasoning behind this madness is to promote hatred and push their agenda to the forefront. Any opposition will be subject to their wrath

Just suppose for a moment quotes from the film were used in today’s socialistic political scene to secure their vote

Using probably the most famous line from the movie, to unpack all the demands from this woke group. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

You yell barracuda and everybody says Huh? What? You yell shark and we’ve got a full scale panic on our hands”

Applying the convoluted logic of the pandemic, yelling flu and everyone stays the course. Yell killer covid and panicked citizens are forced to do what the ignorant elite commands

I just found out a little girl was killed here last week and you knew but you let people go swimming anyway and now my boy is dead”

The fetanyl poison being spread by the Chinese and the border cartels is taking a huge toll. The White House knows this but to pinch off the drug flow at the border would interfere with the migrant spread

I can do anything. I’m the Chief of Police”

Biden feels this way also as he sends his puppet in Ukraine more cash and a new weapons release

I’m familiar with the fact that you are going to ignore this problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass”

By surrounding himself with his own lapdogs, Biden has tanked the economy, strangled the military, and run America out of gas

Well this was no boating accident. It was a shark”

America, bruised and humiliated by the intentional but ineffectual blundering leadership of this socialist government, is still standing as most of the punches had missed their mark

Slow ahead, I can do slow ahead. Why don’t you come down and chum some of this shit”

America has long since figured that the daily slog of depressing news from DC is really formed in the office of the demented twit

And so it goes, a classic movie that is modernized to reflect a New World Order

Highlighted by the terror that is now real, from bad public schools, a manufactured war, and an open border

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