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August 2022

EVs, The Laser Disc of this Generation

In days of yore, the 80s, VHS tapes ruled. Movie rental stores were popping up overnight like a mushroom

Everywhere one looked, a retail store would rent you a video that once at home one with a remote could stop and later resume

People waited in long lines to rent or buy the latest movie release to take home and enjoy from the comfort of their easy chair

Sure, the picture wasn’t great, the video needed to be returned in two days, and don’t forget to rewind or suffer through the store clerk’s glare

Suddenly, on the horizon, a new format came into view. It was called laser disc and it was forecast to sweep the nation

This disc was to take the audio-visual world by storm with a crystal clear picture and perfect sound all adding to the hype and celebration

The new disc was the answer to VHS tapes’ clarity issues, broken cassettes, and tape eating playback machines

This new format was touted as the next big thing, a fix to all problems. One can now take their tape player out and smash it to smithereens

But almost as soon as this new product rolled out, massive problems appeared

As with any new product released too soon many issues caused its downfall and was gone in just a few short years after it premiered

Many challenges plagued the discs. They were heavy, did not tolerate any abuse, had to be flipped halfway through a movie, and the players were very expensive.

Fast forward forty years to the laser disc of this generation and the propaganda surrounding the EV is quite intensive

They’re the answer to all the combustion engine problems. No gas is required, no emissions will spew forth and the vehicles can be charged in one’s home

They’re made of plastic, run by a battery, and won’t be decorated with fake wood panels or garish strips of chrome

“You will buy the EV. You won’t question our orders because if you do the earth will die and you will feel the guilt”

This sounds great on the commercial but just don’t turn back the sheets to see what lurks beneath the quilt

Like the laser disc being released too soon, electric vehicles aren’t as rosy as they seem. The batteries are constructed from extremely toxic rare earth minerals mined overseas, the charge takes hours and only lasts a couple hundred miles, the price of electricity is high but not to worry the cars are unaffordable anyway

So buyer beware. Save your pennies, drive your gas car and wait for hydrogen power before you spend your hard-earned pay

A Sucker Bet

Wikipedia defines a sucker bet as a gambling wager in which the expected return does not reflect the odds of winning and is significantly lower

This term can be demonstrated by the current college debt reduction brain storm. The success of this idea will be demonstrated when up for re-election, Biden is the grass and the voting public is the lawn mower

Scrolling through a list of gambling terms, one can see how these apply to Biden’s double-dealing

He has constantly dealt from the bottom of the deck to keep his family of lowlifes and cronies in the chips and send America’s economy reeling

Bankroll: A roll of currency needed to enter the game

This has become an unlimited amount of cash as the taxpayers will continue to fund his madness and for his failures, he will never share the blame

No Limit: Means one isn’t restricted by betting limits as long as you double the previous bet

Lets remember when then VP Biden threatened to withhold a meager 1 billion unless then Ukrainian President Poroshenko fired Victor Shokin. Since then Biden has sent now President Zelensky over 50 billion. I believe the terms of no limit have been met

Hole Card: A card that is dealt face down and the holder needs not to expose until the showdown

This is the card Zelensky has under wraps that contains the Burisma and Hunter Biden lowdown

All In: Also called table stakes gives the player the right to play all the chips in front of them at the poker table

This is also, the soon to be implemented Uniparty plan, to sacrifice the corrupt Biden family to save some congressional seats and possibly the Presidential office while they’re able

So for the next three months, America will have to watch inflation rage, electricity sky rocket and six days of vacations turn into threes

While a once comfortable life becomes cold and hungry for the poorer citizens, the middle class and retirees

As the addled brained puppet looks into the teleprompter and states “let them eat cake”

The American public is now realizing this administration’s real slogan is “never give a sucker an even break”

The New Age Settlers

The music was playing the movie soundtrack being shown on the drop down screen

It was early morning and the family of four was heading to the airport happy they didn’t have to show proof of vaccine

The back and the car top of the SUV were loaded with luggage needed for the week long resort stay

As the family breezed along they didn’t observe the darkened van behind the billboard eyeing them only as prey

The husband sleepily drinking his coffee glanced up at a shape looming in his rear view mirror

There were no lights, but the image was blocking the entire back as the dark silhouette drew nearer

“Hon,” said the suddenly awake husband. I think we’re being tailgated by a large van”

Shushing the children the wife went pale as the van rammed the back bumper crushing it like a tin can

“Jack!” screamed the wife. “Do you think these are the Migrant Banditos?”

“Honey, be cool” whispered Jack. “They’re after our luggage and money. Just cooperate and let them have our stuff and they can disappear back to their area incognito”

This family thinking they were on a fun family outing didn’t realize they were about to enter the 2024 version of the Twilight Zone

Left on the side of the road, they were stranded and stripped of everything they own

Sure, they knew how to get their belongings back if they were brave enough to venture into the No Go Section

The area was on the south side of the city and the repurposed goods were sold out of an abandoned Walmart and under migrant protection

The illegals have no issue with supply chains as they have set up their own distribution network for goods and services

The liberal government has seemingly condoned this activity by turning their back for all tense and purposes

The cops had been ordered to stand down as problems that arose were handled internally relieving the cops as they were outmanned and outgunned

The beleaguered police force was down to a bare bones personnel minimum after all the screams to defund

The migrant population can now purchase whatever they need with their new online currency set up by the ruling cartel

Resigned to their entry level wages with no hope of advancement, this new form of purchasing power gives them all leverage to buy and sell

Using the mantra of “head north young man” the migrants were moving into a new frontier much like the early American settler

And the Biden administration can pat itself on the back and proclaim that’s how we “build back better”

Take The Subsidy Pebble From My Hand

The young boy sat at his Master’s knee and asked. “Master, what is the truth?”

“Grasshopper, why do you ask? Is the truth not what it should be?” the elder inquired of the youth

“Master, I am puzzled. The truth used to be obvious. Now it seems the truth is elusive”

“Lawmakers from the village continuously make new laws in a way that sounds collusive”

“Grasshopper, the explanation is simple” The wizened one stated. “The truth only exists if you agree with them”

“And if you don’t agree the lawmakers are quick in your beliefs, condemn”

“But Master, what is the truth? Why do these lawmakers get to change the rules?”

“Because young son, these leaders are elected by us and then with their new power, treat us as fools”

“They want us to understand since we voted them into power they must be superior”

They sing the common folk song about helping fellow man, but filling their treasure chests is their motive ulterior”

“But Master how does this help us in our quest for a fulfilled life?”

“Wouldn’t these people just add to unhappiness in a world already filled with strife”

The old man held out out both hands. One held a tiny pebble, one did not

“Young son take the subsidy pebble from my hand now or you won’t be left with squat”

“But Master,” asked the youth. “That is only a tiny pebble in your hand. Will there be anymore?”

“No my son, but one small pebble is better than nothing so you will be able to survive but remain poor”

“Just remember you are only here to serve the lawmakers and in turn they will supply your basic needs”

“You are not to question their devious plans and blindly follow where all this leads”

“But Master, I’m poor now, feeling hopeless and living in poverty conditions”

“Not to worry young son. The lawmakers have told us all we are all in a period of transitions”

“But Master, how long will these transitions last?”

“They’ll last until we are forced into Washington worship, no one owns property and all is gone that was once gassed”

When You Only Have Two Hand Trucks

The pastries remained untouched in the center of the table. Sweat stain were rapidly spreading in all the armpits

The director looked around at the assembled group of agents and snapped. “People, this is as bad as it gets”

“The press has turned on us, and we need to pull off a big story to make us out as heroes and put us back in the country’s good graces”

Suddenly an agent from across the table spoke. “Let’s take down a major politician as that’s the kind of story America embraces”

Peering closely at the agent the director asked, “ That idea has potential. Just who do you suggest?”

“Well Mr. Director, it needs to be someone to make the front page news. Someone we can drag out of the house half dressed”

“Sounds good” stated the director. “But I need names to obtain the necessary warrant”

“What about Hillary?” asked the agent. “Her behavior has always been considered abhorrent”

“Hmmm, I’m thinking that a news video of Hillary in her night gown in the middle of the night might cause viewer projectile up-chucks”

“Beside to transport all the potential illegal documents from her residence would be difficult as we only have two hand trucks”

“Okay what about Hunter?” asked the agent determined to contribute to a major arrest

“Look, we can’t touch this guy” stated the director. “Besides, we have his laptop and right now its on loan to a senior agent’s bachelor party for a drug and hooker fest”

“Well,” said the agent “We can’t go after Pelosi and her drunken husband for her insider trading because to remove all the documentation would take more than two hand trucks”

“And Zelensky is out as he is currently hiding behind a huge wall of money built by American taxpayer bucks”

“So it looks like we’ll have to go after Trump again as we know half of America hates him”

“And while we’re at it, we can rifle through Melania’s wardrobe to see if she has any help in looking so slim”

“That sound like a plan,” stated the director. My only concern is this surprise raid might leave America in a tiff”

“Not to worry,” stated the agent. “Besides if we can pocket some of Melania’s delicates it would give the big guy something else to sniff”

“And it would demonstrate to all of America that no one is safe from us”

“Our power is absolute we don’t care if in the FBI, America distrusts”

The Three Stooges Are In Control: Barely, Rarely & Merlot

The onslaught of American democracy continues. This is happening in spite of the top three lawmakers not appearing to be on the same page

Barely appears only partially conscious and doesn’t seem to move well anymore. Could it be that mental acuity is linked to old age

These days Barely has trouble with stairs, reading teleprompters, and snarls at any unscripted question

His leadership has the United States struggling through inflation and is now denying the country is in a recession

Apparently he looking past the country’s general malaise and is hanging his hat on the price of gas

We’re supposed to be throwing confetti as the price of gas has fallen below five dollars just as he forecast

We can now celebrate the new normal of four dollars a gallon fill-ups and hope we’ll have enough in the tank to hunt for baby formula on empty store shelves

Perhaps Barely can call up old bedtime stories and flying in on moonbeams the formula can be created by elves

Rarely once again was not seen with her boss the President. She was busy searching the on-line hiring sites trying to find an office staff

Then, according to her schedule, she is registered for speech therapy in an effort to do something about that annoying laugh

Time is getting tight for number two as she only has a short time to stab her boss in the back

As her eyes are on the highest office, and she needs to let the world know she has the inside track

Merlot knows her time as leader is limited. After her Asian trip of kicking hornets nests she is going to sit back and realize she is low a quart

She’ll have make a concentrated effort with several bottles to rehydrate on the flight before returning to port

All the hand gesturing in the world isn’t going to save her from the tar and feathers if something goes south

America sits and waits for the retaliation from her well armed enemies due to one gaffe from her mouth

Unsupported by Barely and Rarely she worked hard to get the enemy’s sabers rattling with this trip

But all can sleep well knowing she met with semiconductor chip makers to support her stock portfolio before the November pink slip

The infighting, hatred and incompetency has left us an eighty-year old botox queen, a gibberish talking Vice President and a decrepit lame duck.

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck

King Kong He Ain’t

The chest thumping had ceased as the man caved like a sand castle at high tide

He agreed to his thirty pieces of silver and figured the shallow citizens to take it all in stride

The ridiculously named, Inflation Reduction Act is now just a single vote from passing

The payola feeding trough must be filled before mid terms and the spend heavy policies start collapsing

Like explaining this concept to two year olds, this bill isn’t at all about spending its about investing

What’s not explained in the very small print is all about making the rich richer, increasing taxes on the middle class while hiding behind closed doors to eliminate Republican contesting

Trumpets are blaring and announcements made that the wealthy and richest businesses will now pay their fair share

That load of farm yard fertilizer will be served up warm and steamy as no one has yet to figure how to get blood from a turnip or a billionaire

That will not change as now Mr. Manchin’s West Virginians will have their mountain tops dotted with windmills from Canada and Mexico

Allegedly, a deal was struck to increase gas and oil production by the same administration that hates all things Texaco

They’ve lied before, and they’re lying now. Gas prices will remain high and ever poorer citizens once again have been hoodwinked

There is no inflation reduction, it’s only about controlling and fleecing citizens as the elites running the New World Order are all interlinked

With a tiny nod to some Medicare recipients, this bill is all about spending for the New Green Deal and will continue to squash America’s dream

So thank you, Mr Manchin, we appreciate you shedding your wolf costume exposing your party’s jersey as a true member of the socialist team

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