The music was playing the movie soundtrack being shown on the drop down screen

It was early morning and the family of four was heading to the airport happy they didn’t have to show proof of vaccine

The back and the car top of the SUV were loaded with luggage needed for the week long resort stay

As the family breezed along they didn’t observe the darkened van behind the billboard eyeing them only as prey

The husband sleepily drinking his coffee glanced up at a shape looming in his rear view mirror

There were no lights, but the image was blocking the entire back as the dark silhouette drew nearer

“Hon,” said the suddenly awake husband. I think we’re being tailgated by a large van”

Shushing the children the wife went pale as the van rammed the back bumper crushing it like a tin can

“Jack!” screamed the wife. “Do you think these are the Migrant Banditos?”

“Honey, be cool” whispered Jack. “They’re after our luggage and money. Just cooperate and let them have our stuff and they can disappear back to their area incognito”

This family thinking they were on a fun family outing didn’t realize they were about to enter the 2024 version of the Twilight Zone

Left on the side of the road, they were stranded and stripped of everything they own

Sure, they knew how to get their belongings back if they were brave enough to venture into the No Go Section

The area was on the south side of the city and the repurposed goods were sold out of an abandoned Walmart and under migrant protection

The illegals have no issue with supply chains as they have set up their own distribution network for goods and services

The liberal government has seemingly condoned this activity by turning their back for all tense and purposes

The cops had been ordered to stand down as problems that arose were handled internally relieving the cops as they were outmanned and outgunned

The beleaguered police force was down to a bare bones personnel minimum after all the screams to defund

The migrant population can now purchase whatever they need with their new online currency set up by the ruling cartel

Resigned to their entry level wages with no hope of advancement, this new form of purchasing power gives them all leverage to buy and sell

Using the mantra of “head north young man” the migrants were moving into a new frontier much like the early American settler

And the Biden administration can pat itself on the back and proclaim that’s how we “build back better”