This blog has been created as a tongue in cheek view of daily living in the United States.

I’m now one of those people who can catch eyerolls from a majority of age groups now.  Growing up in 60’s and attending college in the early 70’s kinda puts me in the geezer category.  I was moved to Athens, Ga. in the mid 50’s and started first grade the following month.  The one advantage to being a “dam yankee” was I got to be General Grant at recess.  That offered me the opportunity to get the crap beat out of me every day.  So you grow with a jaded view as to what constitutes fun as a kid.  Dyslexia and a speech impediment made learning a challenge.  To this day I have not found Elmer Fudd particularly amusing.  I graduated from UGA as possibly the worst student ever to receive a diploma.   I’ve been married now for 35 years to my lovely wife.  She puts up with a lot.