It finally happened, the gloves had been dropped and the socialist agenda was under attack

The opponents had squared off, were staring in each others’ eyes and talking smack

The loose string had been pulled as the governments were unraveling like a cheap sweater

Canada and the US, joined at the hip were pushing their agendas such as mask mandates and Build Back Better

These policies were designed by the socialist think tank to keep people pointed in their leftist direction and under their thumb

The problem, thanks to social media, were the people were a little more educated, organized and not so dumb

Back in the day, the rules were set by lobbyists, special interests, and large corporations

The rules were created around these back room meetings and forced on the workers with no explanations

The nightly news then offered up the rulings in thirty minute segments as unquestionable fact

But thanks to Al Gore’s internet, this elitist view into the crystal ball of the future was dropped and cracked

The horror that is knowledgeable voters caused great concern to the leaders elected to serve society

Suddenly the public started questioning these elected officials causing the self appointed overlords much anxiety

To counter, the tyrants created measures hoping to send those questioning their decrees back into seclusion

The fact these mandates would be continually accepted as gospel was just another elitist delusion

Canada has employed the Emergencies Act to force the very lifeblood of this autocrat’s country to obey his commands

Big Banking has frozen the accounts of those in defiance of his demands

Makes one wonder about the security of using financial institutions to secure their well-being

Perhaps this is a lesson to all as knowledge gained by this Twerp’s decrees are valuable in future foreseeing

Uncle Joe is losing control, as his pandemic plan is falling apart and the virus is disappearing in its natural cyclical mutating stages

World leaders do not fear his presence, and his planned inflation is rising way more rapidly than their wages

Finally, the people had enough of these despicable errors in judgement and began “waving their private parts at his aunties”

Hoping this will force some semblance of logical thinking and untwisting the knot that is Joe and Justin’s panties