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How Low Can They Go?

It finally happened, the gloves had been dropped and the socialist agenda was under attack

The opponents had squared off, were staring in each others’ eyes and talking smack

The loose string had been pulled as the governments were unraveling like a cheap sweater

Canada and the US, joined at the hip were pushing their agendas such as mask mandates and Build Back Better

These policies were designed by the socialist think tank to keep people pointed in their leftist direction and under their thumb

The problem, thanks to social media, were the people were a little more educated, organized and not so dumb

Back in the day, the rules were set by lobbyists, special interests, and large corporations

The rules were created around these back room meetings and forced on the workers with no explanations

The nightly news then offered up the rulings in thirty minute segments as unquestionable fact

But thanks to Al Gore’s internet, this elitist view into the crystal ball of the future was dropped and cracked

The horror that is knowledgeable voters caused great concern to the leaders elected to serve society

Suddenly the public started questioning these elected officials causing the self appointed overlords much anxiety

To counter, the tyrants created measures hoping to send those questioning their decrees back into seclusion

The fact these mandates would be continually accepted as gospel was just another elitist delusion

Canada has employed the Emergencies Act to force the very lifeblood of this autocrat’s country to obey his commands

Big Banking has frozen the accounts of those in defiance of his demands

Makes one wonder about the security of using financial institutions to secure their well-being

Perhaps this is a lesson to all as knowledge gained by this Twerp’s decrees are valuable in future foreseeing

Uncle Joe is losing control, as his pandemic plan is falling apart and the virus is disappearing in its natural cyclical mutating stages

World leaders do not fear his presence, and his planned inflation is rising way more rapidly than their wages

Finally, the people had enough of these despicable errors in judgement and began “waving their private parts at his aunties”

Hoping this will force some semblance of logical thinking and untwisting the knot that is Joe and Justin’s panties

Put Paul Revere on Alert! The Truckers are Coming

The lantern had been hung in the church tower. The one light was shining bright, meaning the truckers were coming by land

The hand wringing had started. The White House had no Paul Revere to muster the troops as the truckers drew their line in the sand

End the mandates, use the masks to solve the toilet paper shortage, and stick the jabs where the sun don’t shine

The working class had enough. The self-seeking rules of the CDC and the rest of the pretentious decrees by pompous rulers amounted to no more than casting pearls before swine

The brave Canadian truckers had demonstrated to the world that a heavily politicized disease used to contol a population could only be enforced for so long

The big rigs were quickly joined by farmers’ tractors and everyday vehicles to show to the world that Canada’s weak kneed leader was wrong

Supported by fellow countrymen, they had proven to the autocrats they were fed up with their repressive government regulations

Willing to sacrifice their own livelihood and well-being, they were waving their own signs in defiance of Trudeau’s proclamations

Following in the footsteps of his neighbors to the south and resorting to American political divisiveness, Trudeau took to childish name-calling

First hiding from the chaos, he reappeared when the economy and travel around Ottawa began to tank, but his lack of respect to hard-working Canadians is what most found galling

Now Biden wants it stopped. Perhaps with his own miserable track record, he can team up with Trudeau to star in the 2022 version of Dumb and Dumber.

Add in the crackerjack Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who as usual will accomplish nothing, and the three stooges can all hold hands and skip off to Biden’s beachfront home to spend the summer

What a long strange trip it’s been,”sang the Greatful Dead in their song Truckin’

In one seemingly endless year the government was able to take a thriving economy and throttle it down to the point of sucking

But just like the cowboy thrown from his bronc, he shakes it off and gets back on to keep on buckin’

The truckers will roll with the government punches and park their big rigs when it’s necessary to KEEP ON TRUCKIN’

Any Variant is a New Green Deal

The numbers were phenomenal. Sales of their new vaccine had been through the roof

Suddenly people that had been vaccinated and supposedly immune were getting sick. New cases shown from each state were the proof.

The boardroom was quiet as the CEO rose to speak. “This is unacceptable, people are starting to question our capability.”

“We have to act fast while our leader is holding on to the pandemic as his savior before he gets the boot due to his senility.”

“People are no longer lining up and rolling up their sleeves as they are defying the government’s mandate”

“We can’t allow people to begin to think for themselves and our momentum to stagnate”

“What we need is a new variant to spook the population. That always sends them scurrying to the nearest clinic”

“Sure, there will always be people to question our drug with cases showing multiple clots and heart issues but by scaring enough people we can withstand the occasional cynic”

“Has anyone here seen a country with an outbreak that looks a little different from what we’re seeing now?”

“J.R.,” said one of the researchers from behind his laptop screen. “I see where 63 people dropped dead in Macao”

“Terrific! No wait a minute isn’t Macao now controlled by China. That might just be another experiment by the Wuhan lab”

“Come to think of it, this could be perfect. We could put the Chinese scare into the population just to make sure they all line up for another jab”

“We could recycle our excess vaccines, package the product differently and relabel it as Booster 4.”

“That way the government will continue to pour money into our coffers and we can hide huge amounts of profits into bank accounts offshore”

“We should send China a thank you note. If we can spring a new variant every six months or so, our profits will continue to soar, as it looks like we’ve only just begun”

“Since the government has granted us immunity from law suits we can say we love our new variants. To paraphrase Tiny Tim, “God bless the new viruses everyone

Keeping The Puppets In Line

“Whoa! You there get back in line” shouted one of the supervising henchman

The regime had seized control once the Uniparty staged their own intervention

The new five fingers of government were there to make sure all toed the line

With the new ruling party each had an equal share of the money pie once they agreed to align

The DOJ assured that all rules and regulations would be strictly enforced and promote the socialist and New Green Deal ideology

Climate change now lines all pockets of the elites thinly disguised behind the mantra of a better ecology

Big Pharma now sets their own rules and mandates as the pandemic was a true windfall

By forcing the use of vaccine passports all movement is restricted and the CDC gets to play hardball

Sound the alarm on the biannual variant, demand a new jab or we’ll lock you down

Though technically having no authority over anything they get to throw their weigh around

The Big Government finger has now formed the perfect uniparty headed by the Demopublicans all career politicians

To keep their bellies filled from the public trough, putting all citizens under their thumb is their only mission

Big Corp following their green guidelines keeps all in line with their restricted supply chain

Limit frozen foods, ration beef as an environmental hazard and clothing can only be manufactured in three sizes to lessen greenhouse gases and acid rain

Big Tech gets to really flex it’s muscle by now approving all items posted on the internet

Anything other than socialist praise, dancing cats and unfocused vacation pics is prohibited as that may be a threat

Entertainment consists of shows featuring low browed contestants in illicit relationships, the 27th season of NCIS, and bad movies of an uninteresting superhero

All approved by an entirely absent President hiding for days on end with the only audible noise being the fiddle of Nero

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