The Biden administration, itching to start a conflict, is caught in their own weird playground game

By continually poking Putin to send his troops into Ukraine, Biden can do his best MacArthur impersonation in freedom’s name

Russia has massed troops at the Ukrainian border and can take the country any time it wants

Faster than the Taliban in Afghanistan, if Russia crosses, it’s only a matter of hours before they’re dining in Kyiv’s finest restaurants

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has told Biden and his pack of pathetic wimpy mouthpieces to back off and quit trying to create an armed hostility

Ukraine is in the middle of a pissing contest between Washington and Moscow. One is governed by a hard-nosed ruler and one is frightfully close to senility

Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO and be controlled by the Allied Command and therefore the USA

The US knows that if Russia decides to cross the border and conquers what is a free country they won’t be going anywhere and will stay

So it goes, the US has placed 8500 troops on high alert to help defend the European nations

Apparently the Washington War Machine has decided 8500 is a good round number of acceptable losses to increase NATO demarcations

It’s a lose/lose situation for Zelensky. He can join NATO and watch the Russian tanks roll past his breakfast table

Or he can welcome Russia into his country and try to keep as much of his government intact as he’s able

But allowing Biden to call the shots on the out manned and out gunned Ukrainian Red Rover team

Is just an open invitation for the horror of war to be thrust on the citizens of Ukraine before submitting to the inevitable communist regime