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We’re A Little Worried About Joey

Wikipedia defines paranoia “as an instinct or thought process that is believed by anxiety or fear to the point of delusion or irrationality”

Knowing his days are numbered, Paranoid Joe wants to make his mark as his thoughts are increasingly occupied by his own mortality

Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs or beliefs of conspiracy causing a perceived threat towards oneself (i.e. everyone is out to get me)”

Poor Joey doesn’t realize in his anxiety, those that disrespect him the most are the real powers that be

Those powers forced a pig in a poke on the American public and just now are beginning to realize the extent of their folly

Now the hand-picked flunkies surrounding this figurehead stand helplessly by as Russia fires volley after volley

The tanks rolled into Ukraine over a year ago and tons of money were thrown in that direction to prop up the puppet regime

“We need more money, we need more weapons, we need jets, and now we need soldiers,” the T-shirt continues to scream

“Why is this happening to us?” The lapdogs wonder. All thought they reinforced the idea that every crisis could be blamed on Putin and Trump

Now China is meeting with Russia, Russia is blowing our drones out of the sky, and the last thing the world remembers of our retreat in Afghanistan is a picture of a fleeing uniformed American rump

An unhinged Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny had his marbles, Joe appears to have his printing press. By printing money he doesn’t have he thinks all is cured and everyone will like him

And from that pool of unaudited money his crooked family will continue to skim

His caretakers advise him to answer no questions as he hides from one disaster after another

And questions yelled as he staggers stiff legged from the podium go in one ear and out the other

So he hides on his private beach making America’s problems all based on climate change and race

While hoping some other world power big meany doesn’t run up and kick sand in his face

Zelensky’s Photo Booth

The e-mail appeared in the in-box from an on-line travel agency touting a trip to Ukraine and a meet and greet with President Zelensky

Included with the trip will be luxurious accommodations at a neighboring NATO country and a ride in a comfortable tour bus through the war zone to sight see

After watching the political figures and celebrities flocking to the combat zone, this agency saw a golden opportunity

Imagine, after the back yard barbecue, one could invite the neighbors in to view the bombed out community

Or the excitement in your spouse’s voice when the tour guide points out a genuine bombing fatality

“Quick Harry, snap that pic and when we can get home open a bottle of wine and talk about the brutality”

The Russians are either cooperating with the tour schedules or have the worst spy system on record

When international politicians and assorted celebrities are allowed to wander in combat areas, one wonders if Russia needs to be alerted by trumpets and some guy with a sandwich board

Maybe Putin is smarter than people realize allowing the photo ops as all seem to end with the promise of more weapons and cash

These potentially may be captured by the Soviets to further extend their warfare stash

While the beleaguered Ukrainian citizens live in daily terror of their lives being snuffed out within the hour

By the refusal of a stubborn fame driven leader trying to stand up to a superior force with nuclear power

So remember to read the fine print on the travel agency’s e-mail offer

As Zelensky continues to demand weapons and cash to extend his war and quite possibly help fill his party’s private coffer

Because the chance to have your picture taken with Zelensky in the photo booth

Will also allow the occasion to watch President Zelensky in his private money booth stuffing money in his tee shirt with both hands and that just might be the honest truth

Desperately Seeking An “Ask Not” Moment

The time had come, the whole world was watching and the leader of NATO and the free world wanted to deliver a speech for the ages

He wanted the people to know he was a decisive leader and not the gaffe ridden spectacle delivering telescripted monologues from Washington stages

He’d come of age hearing JFK’s oratory stating “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” He wanted that kind of moment

He wanted to deliver the speech that future history books will show how he stood up to his ruthless opponent

Here he was, standing before the world much as President Reagan when he demanded, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall”

His handlers had already had to backtrack an earlier gaffe about American soldiers being included in the Russian political brawl

He’d also been filmed in awkward banter and choking down pizza like he was one of the guys

Again, damage control by his overseers, it was not a good look as the public had grown weary of bumbling photo ops and how little their dollar buys

So he grabs the podium and in his bellowing oratory, calls on the Supreme Deity and exclaims “This man cannot remain in power”

The horrified handlers immediatly started reeling in this blunder as Putin wasn’t one to cower

So the President had his moment to shine in the sun but he swung mightily and missed

The world went back about their business while the Russian tanks continued their quest to help the Ukrainians cease to exist

But the besieged should have felt blessed in his show of solidarity, first he sends his ditzy Vice President and then to show his true qualities, he made an appearance

Harry S. Truman once stated, “My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference”

The Democrat’s New Order Dictionary Vol. I

Collins Dictionary describes definition as: a statement giving meaning of a word or expression especially in a dictionary

However the meaning of a word to the new Washington wordsmiths is purely discretionary

Once again the problem comes down to those pesky written definitions. Use one word or statement to depict an agenda and someone will wave a dictionary in your face

So this administration has developed a unique idea to rewrite the definitions should they need to use an all encompassing word to make their case

The following examples highlight terms currently being redefined to satisfy their needs

Keep in mind the way this term is used is the new definition and the usage in terms of previous definitions, this now supersedes

Unity: a condition of harmony; the quality or state of being one

Currently unity appears to have all citizens become destitute and therefore government dependant and when questioned about it watch the President cut and run

Border: a line separating two political or geographical areas especially countries

Currently the term applies in both a geographical and political area only to Ukraine as in the United States the line is used to count the number of migrant crossings and illegal entries

Deter: to turn aside, discourage, or prevent from acting

Currently deter had been liberally used with sanctions to keep Russia from crossing the previously mentioned border but a testy President now insists that sanctions would not deter Putin from enacting

Woman: an adult female person

Currently there is some confusion as how to define a woman, apparently needing a biologist and test results involving blood and urine

In trying to keep up with the new definitions coming out of Washington, the thumping sound you hear is poor Mr. Webster flipping in his grave

Much like the population of this republic now being gender fluid perhaps the New Order Dictionary is just as fluid and dictionaries published before 2020 you don’t need to save

Playing Chicken on the World Stage

The cry from the tunnels by the Ukrainian people sounded distant and drained

It was now in the second week and the remaining citizens watched in terror as the missiles rained

They’d circled the wagons but Putin had them surrounded

As Biden in his speech talked as though the battle was won or so it sounded

The Russians had encircled the two largest cities and had cut all utilities and supplies

The citizens of Ukraine had become target practice for the Russian rifles hastening Ukraine’s demise

The people of Russia are demonstrating against war as is the world and sanctions are in place

Unfortunetly, in spite of the video taped posturing by the free world leaders, Putin holds the final ace

That is the ace of hearts, the card played when humanity and decency are needed and Putin will use that against the world

The struggles of the Ukrainians are shown nightly, fighting the missiles and tanks with small arms fire and molotov cocktails hurled

For twenty minutes on the news, watch those citizens suffer and hear their plea for aid

No water, food, heat or medicine will have the NATO leaders bending to this madman’s crusade

“If you will not lift the sanctions we’ll indiscriminately kill the population and threaten everyone else with nuclear war”

The idea of a mushroom shaped cloud of radioactive fallout approaching cities to the west is hard to ignore

“Lift your sanctions that we demand or focus your cameras on the cities that we will demolish”

“Then turn your news satelites toward the western border and watch while we come after everything Polish”

While the leader of the free world babbles on like he has a plan to end this hostility

The Ukrainian people huddle in the cold and stark subway tunnels well aware of the word salad futility

Red Rover Red Rover Send Russia Right Over

The Biden administration, itching to start a conflict, is caught in their own weird playground game

By continually poking Putin to send his troops into Ukraine, Biden can do his best MacArthur impersonation in freedom’s name

Russia has massed troops at the Ukrainian border and can take the country any time it wants

Faster than the Taliban in Afghanistan, if Russia crosses, it’s only a matter of hours before they’re dining in Kyiv’s finest restaurants

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has told Biden and his pack of pathetic wimpy mouthpieces to back off and quit trying to create an armed hostility

Ukraine is in the middle of a pissing contest between Washington and Moscow. One is governed by a hard-nosed ruler and one is frightfully close to senility

Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO and be controlled by the Allied Command and therefore the USA

The US knows that if Russia decides to cross the border and conquers what is a free country they won’t be going anywhere and will stay

So it goes, the US has placed 8500 troops on high alert to help defend the European nations

Apparently the Washington War Machine has decided 8500 is a good round number of acceptable losses to increase NATO demarcations

It’s a lose/lose situation for Zelensky. He can join NATO and watch the Russian tanks roll past his breakfast table

Or he can welcome Russia into his country and try to keep as much of his government intact as he’s able

But allowing Biden to call the shots on the out manned and out gunned Ukrainian Red Rover team

Is just an open invitation for the horror of war to be thrust on the citizens of Ukraine before submitting to the inevitable communist regime

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