The cry from the tunnels by the Ukrainian people sounded distant and drained

It was now in the second week and the remaining citizens watched in terror as the missiles rained

They’d circled the wagons but Putin had them surrounded

As Biden in his speech talked as though the battle was won or so it sounded

The Russians had encircled the two largest cities and had cut all utilities and supplies

The citizens of Ukraine had become target practice for the Russian rifles hastening Ukraine’s demise

The people of Russia are demonstrating against war as is the world and sanctions are in place

Unfortunetly, in spite of the video taped posturing by the free world leaders, Putin holds the final ace

That is the ace of hearts, the card played when humanity and decency are needed and Putin will use that against the world

The struggles of the Ukrainians are shown nightly, fighting the missiles and tanks with small arms fire and molotov cocktails hurled

For twenty minutes on the news, watch those citizens suffer and hear their plea for aid

No water, food, heat or medicine will have the NATO leaders bending to this madman’s crusade

“If you will not lift the sanctions we’ll indiscriminately kill the population and threaten everyone else with nuclear war”

The idea of a mushroom shaped cloud of radioactive fallout approaching cities to the west is hard to ignore

“Lift your sanctions that we demand or focus your cameras on the cities that we will demolish”

“Then turn your news satelites toward the western border and watch while we come after everything Polish”

While the leader of the free world babbles on like he has a plan to end this hostility

The Ukrainian people huddle in the cold and stark subway tunnels well aware of the word salad futility