Long living under the mantra of “it takes a village to raise a child,” government agencies sold the public this lie and proclaimed everything was good

Forget about the nuclear family, strong parenting, and solid public education. The kids today are being raised by tired old grannies and lessons from the hood

Violence has now become an acceptable form of behavior. Learn to take what you want and let only the chumps pay

Intimidation rules. Respect comes from having it all your way

After all, you have watched your broken family of relatives live in the same roach filled neighborhood for five generations

The daily grind of hand outs and just scraping by has led to years of desolate frustrations

Continuously feeling the empty nothingness the future holds, erupting in a moment of fury over what is perceived as a slight isn’t much of a reach

Whether its destroying a c-store display, slapping a fast food worker or slamming another magazine into the breech

For years the government has patted the underserved on the head and stated everyone will have an equal opportunity

When in reality, no government or public school has done a thing to improve the community

The current administration seems more concerned with electric cars, tearing down womens’ sports and keeping the borders unrestrained

They had promised to unite, give all a fair shake, eliminate poverty and hunger or at least that’s what they campaigned

So the real lesson learned was a few minutes of furious power on the road to nowhere

Is better than just another day of disappointments and despair