Before the order was placed, the greasy screen was swiveled to face the customer and digitally asked how much they wanted to tip

Fearful of what they might find lurking in the order, the customer entered the minimum shown hoping the employee putting the food order together didn’t add a surprise from their recent bathroom trip

Back in the day, one left a tip for good food, service and atmosphere

Nowadays one tips for anticipated service, or they might find a foreign object floating in their beer

It seems this trend for upfront tipping started with the great pandemic hoax

With the media, the “experts,” and this administration creating the hysteria and all the paranoia their daily lectures evokes

Before one gets to smell, taste or observe their serving a screen is swiveled around to incite one’s level of guilt

Because the rumor floating around is that a friend of a distant relative didn’t tip and something was placed in his food that got him “kilt”

Besides no one wants to lift the crown of their bun and wonder if the spread used was really the secret sauce

So a tip before anything is delivered seems a small price to pay added to the food costs

This practice has the potential to spread like wild fire throughout every industry

Soon upfront tipping will be mandatory or risk the chance of increasing one’s morbidity

Your upcoming surgery? How much are you going to leave the anesthesiologist?

Do you want a second year med student administering the gas or someone you can trust?

How much are you giving the bus driver for your round trip ticket to the airline departure gate?

The amount advised could make the difference between arriving on time or three hours late after cruising down the wrong interstate

The tip list is now seems indefinite but it is guaranteed to end with how much are you going tip your government representative

After the influence peddling, insider trading, and lobbyist payola, a yearly tip called taxes is paid before service but this time to your wants and needs, the people behind the screen really are insensitive