The beautiful FBI people closed in on the evil doers. Their plan had worked to perfection

The execution was flawless as two bad guys were dead and the informant was in witness protection

Then the director yelled “cut” and the assembled actors all headed to the catering truck

When in real life a group of stressed agents were assembled trying to figure the best way, of the latest controversy, to duck

The FBI was long portrayed as the last bastion of protection from criminals both foreign and domestic

TV shows, newspaper articles and even comic books all had the integrity of the FBI shown in a light that was quite majestic

But that was then and this is now. The FBI has turned into a group of leftist protecting lap dogs for any current political cause

It doesn’t matter anymore this group of gun carrying suits are sworn to protect constitutional laws

One would need a few hours to read through a list of controversies involving the FBI just over the past few years

A lot of the reading would be taken up by the Clinton crime syndicate, then the multiple red flag school shootings and the gymnasts sex abuse tears

The revolving door firings of the fence posts and hustlers that headed the FBI would also take up a lot of time

The fact is, the FBI would probably implode if they prosecuted their own agents involved in crime

The FBI’s list of missteps continue to swell, the lies and cover ups endure as across this administration the falsehoods sprawl

One thing is certain however, as new fabrications are presented as “evidence” agents avoid the Post Office as they may see their own picture hanging on the wall