It seems that yesterday, the alleged leader of the free world tried to make a couple of phone calls

Knowing this person is locked in to ruining the oil business to push his own agenda, the Mideast oil producers refused to talk no matter how much he crawls

The countries that would talk to this administration are sworn enemies of the US but American dollars are being waved under their noses

Figuring they can strike while the iron is hot, they’ll accept charges for the call before this demented soul nods off and dozes

Turning his back on the very people that put him in office he welcomes foreign oil rather than producing his own

But the clock is running on the Green Deal as it needs to be implemented before midterms and the popular vote for open Democratic seats boots most from their throne

So he’ll side with evil bad actors that would like nothing better than kill every man, woman and child living in the United States

It’s really sad to see this individual riled up over false voting rights perceptions, but he’s willing to kiss the ass of terrorist dicators he supposedly hates

It probably irritates him that Zelensky is still alive as this Ukrainian leader continues to call him out making him look weak

Since trying to hide behind Poland didn’t work, at least he can use the blocking of Russian oil to conceal his yellow streak

It’s now only a matter of time until the daily price escalation of all goods sends this country into a raging recession

And the driving force behind all policies, the huge conglomerates, realize their own profits are beginning to sink then maybe just maybe the current leadership might be forced to ease domestic oil suppression