The Cambridge English Dictionary defines outperform as: “to do well in a particular job or activity compared to others in a similar type”

Yesterday President Biden had a two-hour press conference and stated he outperformed what was expected as part of his hype

There should be no argument about that statement as his administration has set the new standard for the Law of Diminishing Returns

Immediately cranking up the blame game his fingers pointed to the pandemic, the Fed, the Republicans as obstacles demonstrating he fiddles while Rome burns

By his first year’s performance he has set the bar that all future Presidents will be measured against.

Excuses were many for this administration but ask him about his bombastic voting rights speech and suddenly he’s incensed

He saved Christmas and the supply chain is at 89%. The shelves are stocked if you want a $3.00 can of minestrone soup but fugetaboutit if you want hamburger meat

He’s calling on foreign nations to help with the escalating fuel prices so you can get to the store but you do need to run inside as you might get stabbed in the street

The Soviet Union can do what it wants to Ukraine as long as any kind of invasion is considered small

Apparently Putin understands this and is currently amassing more troops on the border and doesn’t seem to have much regard for Biden’s call

Thankfully there are no US troops involved in this crisis as all were witness to his military game plan

Biden stated he sent billions in weapons and equipment to Ukraine meaning within a short while, Russian soldiers will be waving the equipment to cameras just like the Taliban in Afghanistan

So for two hours the man rambled on about outperforming as a major piece of legislation failed to pass on the Senate floor

So he has outperformed all past presidents. Everything is way worse than a year ago, but who’s keeping score