Due to pandemic fears N. Korea has closed its borders to China severely limiting all imports

This closure has caused, among other things a short supply of agricultural fertilizer according to reports

Citizens were advised they need to make homemade manure and state factory workers were given a quota to meet

150 kilograms per day would be required to help the farmers with their crops so their population would be able to eat

This opens an opportunity for the current US administration to show our friends in N. Korea a little good will

For the last year the White House has been one disaster after another all producing a record amount of swill

Think about it. The voting rights legislature has been a lot of clueless noise continuing to beat a dead horse

Send that horse and the buckets of BS that has sprouted from the ignorant and that will be one product the Americans will be happy to outsource

No issues with the supply chain? Pour a few tubs of that on the row crops and watch the corn grow

Dump some of Washington’s ideas on how to run a military on soybeans and rice and the seedlings will be sprouting as fast as the workers can sow

Nail a copy of Biden’s 200 page book on stopping the pandemic to the partition next to the quota pail for the N. Koreans to use

Also any new idea being hatched in Washington could be sent to Kim Jong-un to help with his lack of produce

It would be a nice change for DC to spread a little of that around and not money to help the N. Koreans with their simple foods and breads

And for once not dump their socialist agenda all over it’s own citizens’ heads