The teleprompter was rolling, the font was large and the words rehearsed

He’d been told backstage to go out there and shout that voter ID was the worst

Then claim not allowing candidate campaigners to offer those standing in line water and a voter plea

Was like “Jim Crow on steroids” to the nth degree

That phrase is now commonplace in political speak

In an attempt to vilify anyone in opposition yelling the steroid phrase is the new technique

Apparently political speechwriters have forgotten steroids were created to treat inflammatory diseases

Perhaps the current rheumatic patients should take offense while this old guy rants and wheezes

The connotation of steroids being villainous happened when athletes found they could improve their bulk and performance with use

The side effects were numerous but when Build Back Better was the goal, it’s best to ignore the long term hovac created when injecting the juice

Voter ID, mask mandate lock downs, and ending the filibuster all have the potential for the opposition accused of being “on steroids”

But answers to the name-calling from the teleprompter marionette will not be forthcoming as the strings pull him away because non approved questions he avoids

So America will continue to hear the phrase “on steroids” as those opposed to the White House agenda are considered deplorable trash

So pass the steroid cream around for liberal use to treat the itch that is rapidly turning into an ugly rash