“Scheduler called Casey ’bout half past four.

He kissed his wife at the station door”

He climbed in the cabin with his orders in his hand

Suddenly turned, threw his paperwork in the firebox and said, “Its time I make a stand”

He’d been promising his wife to accompany her to the doctor to have a problem checked out

Now, because he’s always on call, she’ll have to brave traffic and face the doctors by herself while they prod and poke about

Casey had enough. He’d been on call for eight straight years always at his bosses beck and call

He’s never had the gumption to stand up to them and they relished holding his job over his head to watch him crawl

The union had tried to make a stand as they knew an interrupted supply chain would hurt the economy

However, Mr Biden, “the most pro labor President” squashed the pending strike with his own form of regal autonomy

Once again the President’s half-truths and downright lies were spewed to fit the occasion

He patted the rail workers on their head and gave them a paltry three days of UNPAID leave for medical appointments as he jetted to his beach house to balance the equation

So Casey hopped down from the cabin, told the scheduler to stick it “where the sun don’t shine”

Took his savings, bought some landscape equipment and now sets his hours while listening to his own engines whine