And so the debate rages on. The second amendment is being adorned, scorned and shredded at the same time

The President figures that by calling on God’s graces he can sway opinion. As usual with all his leftist diatribes, they haven’t been worth a dime

The real question is just what is the indicator that someone is mature enough to purchase a gun?

It seems a majority of cowardly drive by shootings are either gang related or some teenager with ruffled feelings opening up with a firearm just to see people run

It doesn’t take a genius to fire a gun. Point and shoot should come with a long division problem to solve

Non-violent negotiating skills would drastically improve if trying to answer 1381 divided by four before the other guy with his own problem is able to resolve

The pathetic teen-aged nut job that feels emboldened by killing a group of unarmed innocents should have to sit down with the military shrink, before at the gun store, laying his cash down

And perhaps a real warning could be attached to the background check that this individual liked to watch small animals drown

So what is the measure of a man? A high school diploma is now handed out for just showing up on most days

As public school teachers seem more concerned about encouraging gender dysphoria than helping a kid who is one social snub away from letting the bullets spray

So what determines if a person under 21 has the right to buy a firearm capable of taking a life?

And perhaps loading up with ammunition to settle the frustration of perceived personal strife

Obviously a stint in the military standing at attention in the Fort Benning August sun knowing you volunteered but still have 20 months to serve

The maturity of any gender receives an upgrade when tasked with military training and the military reserve

Then the right to purchase a gun should be rewarded and not a second thought given

But selling a rifle to an 18-year old hot head who’d gonna show the world what he’s all about is a crime that should not be forgiven