Anticipation was high, the three cups of morning coffee had the stomach growling non stop for the last hour

But knowing in the desk drawer was the foil wrapped beauty of pastry and jelly just waiting for one to devour

Time for the first morning break and the foil was ripped off and the mouth salivating at the thought of the tasty delight

But something seemed off about this two pack of deliciousness as what was eaten seemed short by at least a bite

It had happened. The ever expanding inflation had invaded even my morning snack

And to think just three days ago I was congratulating myself for being a careful shopper and buying the value pack

Shrinkflation was the new buzz word. Everyday items were getting smaller by the manufacturer to keep the prices the same

The President didn’t seem to care as he points his fingers in every direction as everyone but himself should share the blame

Manufactureres were trying to disguise the fact you were purchasing less by resorting to a cleverly redesigned wrapper

By studying the offerings in the grocery aisle, the words “best buy” tagged by the retailer always seem to be the final capper

In reality the wording ought to mention you get less by still shelling out for the same

Shelf placement, new graphics, different packaging are all part of the game

So, after the three bean and cheese burritos night, one might experience the horror of the next morning’s empty toilet paper roll

Because of the missing eighteen squares, you might just be trying to force a really nasty ad circular down the bowl

Consider shrinkflation as gift from this concerned administration. Imagine it as a new way to diet to lose those pandemic pounds

Smaller candy bars, less chips in the bag or crackers in the box, the package may look the same but the product is smaller than it sounds

So when Fluffy is three feedings short, the ice cream ran out six scoops ago, and a family size value pack means you might have to lose one of the kids

Just remember the President states his economy is on the rebound while the rest of America is figuring this country has already hit the skids