The man peered through the mirror and what he saw left him floored

Right across the pond another leader struggled with similar life travails and the relentless press he abhorred

It seems the next in line to the British throne had been waiting for ascension for more than two decades

Relegated to meaningless Royal functions and marionette waves from the carriage in celebratory parades

Like this newly minted leader who had been lingering 47 years to assume command

This Prince understood what it is to watch his kingdom be ruled by another firsthand

Surprised by the similarities the mirror reflected, the new leader managed a feeble smile

Because in the public life you so vigorously sought every remark can become a civil trial

It seems early in their careers both men’s first wife became a tragic car accident fatality

Both became high profile widowers trying to raise two sons subject to the prying presses’ impersonality

They remarried, one to a political junkie and one to a former sweetheart

And since their much publicized romance and wedding they haven’t been apart

The sons all took different paths in hiding their grief from the tabloid’s eyes and becoming an adult

Two accepted the straight and narrow to maturity while the other two proved more difficult

The firstborn assumed the more traditional high profile duties, while a wilder life the younger two chose

While one snorted drugs with his silver spoon, the other was led around by the ring in his nose

It’s pretty obvious the new leader and the one on hold are still waiting to be completely accepted by their respective nation

The mirror doesn’t lie whether looking into or through the glass it’s remarkable that somewhere out there exists duplication