Bigfoot, the mythical creature has been prowling the woods in folklore for 300 years

Said to be a large hairy animal with a rancid odor stoking many campfire fears

The boogie man is dragged out to explain any unusual happenings like missing beer, underbrush rustling, and cries in the night

President Biden has created his own Sasquatch to scare the naive public, that being all things white

It appears when America bought into this lifelong politician and the biggest racist since LBJ

She didn’t realize his sincere unity song would morph into a daily white supremacy chant putting said unity in harm’s way

Appearing to relish videos of rioting, lawlessness and destruction of American history

Seeming to condone the the decimation of monuments and places of worship all adding to this man’s mystery

He doesn’t hesitate to bring up the warts that have dogged America’s past but not mention the thousands that gave their lives on Normandy’s beaches

But tune into one of the telescripted two minute sound bites and one is guaranteed to hear the term “white supremacy” in his speeches

Easy peasy as white supremacy deflects from his own failed policies allowing unfettered border crossings, a monthly rise in inflation and disastrous spending

And what is more interesting the divisiveness pits only blacks against whites as his narrative appears never ending

Never mention the progress and achievements by people of color in the past fifty years

Only the ignorant think racial harmony can happen by issuing a mandate and just like that prejudice disappears

Compare this country to all others and try to make the systemic racism anthem sound logical

Perhaps by hiding behind his apologies for America’s racism the citizens will not realize the real puppet master has plans far more diabolical

So Biden will continue to bray his red herring white supremacy fairy tale and spot his Bigfoot lurking behind every perceived slight

While people are finally wising up to this narcissistic disorder realizing that reading script from a teleprompter in his creepy whisper voice doesn’t make it justified or right