Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone

When she got there the cupboard was bare as Nancy Pelosi hadn’t blessed the old lady from her throne

You see Congress had a shot at loading up a bill written on the backs of working Americans with their own pork

It was an opportunity to cram the “stimulus” bill with their vested interests, do some back slapping and pop the cork

Congress then can sound the trumpets and shout triumphantly about what they accomplished for the taxpayers

You’re not supposed to notice they have spent the last year doing their utmost to quash the citizens’ hopes and dreams as politicized naysayers

So they sent a bill to the floor that took a guy with a hand truck to deliver

The bill was 5,593 pages long with expected approval in a measly six hours to continue to sell Americans down the river

Both Senators and Representatives were expected to know what was in this pork package in a very short period of time

After watching clips on television from the various dim witted representatives for them to say they read the entire package would be a lying crime

And by the way The House did remember it’s electorate after locking them down for ten months with fabricated stories that the sky is falling

With a big $600 stimulus check to spend any way one wants on such luxuries as food, heat or lights but that is not what is really galling

The downtrodden are supposed to take solace in knowing the bill does provide millions in relief for Cambodia, Burma and Nepal

Sure it seem like a slap in the face, but to quote Pink Floyd “It’s Just Another Brick In The Wall”

And just maybe with 25 million earmarked for the Kennedy Center, Pelosi could be bestowed with Honors while the rest of America has cut expenses to the bone

As business owners are struggling to keep their doors open, food banks are empty and the elderly are dying alone

The free spending list goes on with such goodies as ten million awarded for Pakistani Gender Studies of all things

An easy way to solve this dilemma to to peek under the partung to see if the body part is stationary or if it swings

The money grab continues as the Smithsonian is to be tossed a billion and funds are set aside for the Dalai Lama

While Americans suffer both sides of the aisle are immovable in their demands all adding to the drama

There is no limit to the vile corruption, payola and collusion of an elected official

So when that official looks into the camera and states they’re turning Heaven and earth for you, remember that smile is painted on and completely artificial