The line had formed in mid January, the numerous MBA’s were waiting for the government dole
They had signed up for student loans now due and cancellation of their obligation was their goal

The new President was being coerced into eliminating the loans with the wave of his new wand
Leaving the lending institutions to eat those funds owed and previous debtors feeling conned

“It’s great for the economy,” preached the newly empowered left leaning lawmakers
“That’ll be an extra 200 or 300 dollars a month and help turn those degree holders into movers and shakers”

They now will be able to trade in their old minivan and park that new BMW in their driveway
Just like winning the lottery their next 10 years of debt will be forgiven and the current balance they won’t have to repay

This debt cancellation will help the future elitists but do nothing to help the struggling working class
They’re the ones worried about working two jobs, the price of daycare and the next tank of gas

Who’s gonna cancel their debt? Perhaps congress can cancel the next ten years of monthly rent
That would put more bucks in their pocket rather than receiving a paycheck with half of it owed and already spent

It seems a good way to stifle an economy is to eliminate all obligation
Entrepreneurship and determination can easily be replaced by new legislation

The dreams of starting and running your your own business will vanish when sitting in front of the institution lender
Because that bank official understands that if things get tough that client only has to give up and surrender

The grit and hard work that formed small town America when Hershey bars were a nickel
Will go the way of the Pledge of Allegiance unless you happen to be saluting the hammer and sickle