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Let’s Party We Ain’t Scared. If We Get It, We Get It

He contracted the virus in the biology lab from a graduate assistant who had traveled abroad
He’d heard the news but in his ignorance the doomsayers with their catastrophic numbers just seemed flawed

At the semester’s end he gathered up four friends and headed for the Florida beaches for sun and fun
Other friends last year bragged about drinking fourteen cases of beer so they were out to prove they can’t be out done

His asymptomatic self now on the road for 1000 miles in close quarters with his friends
Drinking beer and sharing doobies at the end of finals is what his youthful wild side recommends

He stopped for gas while contaminating the pump handle and the candy rack from the Snickers bar he stuffed under his shirt
Saving more money for beer and making up time to catch the Saturday night beach concert

Arriving in Clearwater in early afternoon it was time to load up on beverages and hit the beach
The virus is spreading like wildfire but to him it’s party time and no time to listen to the newscasters preach

The girls were plentiful and many were willing to celebrate and share a good time
Besides everyone was there on their own free will and looking for fun, and that is not a crime

The gloved housekeeping staff were tasked with changing bed linens and towels
Trying not to touch their face while cleaning the sink and toilets after three days of drinking, bad eating and loose bowels

The five days were up before he knew it as the city denied access to the sand
So on the road again with a rolling stomach but satisfied, smug and tanned

Making a pit stop at a drug store and sorting through the antacids to quell that nauseous feeling
His friends demanded the break after eating two for a dollar roller grill hot dogs as they found his breath, burps and flatulence quite unappealing

Returning home he was forced to spend time with his family and grandparents since his college was closed
He wasn’t recovering from his trip that fast, feeling feverish, coughing and his opinion it was a sinus infection was misdiagnosed

He had just made a two thousand mile round trip with a contagious disease he had helped transmit
But it was a party and he wasn’t scared we get it, we all get it

But I had the Shot

The flu season is upon us, over arched eyebrows the local news person is advising the shot

The stick is easier than trying to justify your illness at the clinic with “I forgot”

Just don’t celebrate the vaccination event at your favorite diner

Because germs congregate there to turn one into a nose dripping whiner

How is that possible it’s asked, the place always looks so clean

Oh there is an effort made, it’s not the plates, flatware or cuisine

But realize in the restroom a sign states employees must wash hands before returning to work

However after washing all that is offered is an ineffective blower making it easier to wipe hands on pants where the bad germs lurk

At your seat you’re handed a laminated menu that may have been wiped down once before stacking in the hostess’ rack

But the velcro sound made when turning the pages makes one wonder if the stickiness is a disease waiting to attack

Deciding on the salad bar and half sandwich with fries you head to the bar

But the idea of grabbing the same serving tongs as the stressed daycare worker and the twelve people before her is really quite bizarre

After the salad the food is delivered and you reach for the ketchup to slather on your fries

This is the same bottle handled by the pale looking kid with goop oozing out of his eyes

But you enjoy the meal and return to the job secure in the knowledge you’ve had the vaccine

A couple of hours later your stomach feels queasy and coworkers are remarking how you look a little green

Then it hits, suddenly your mouth waters and you head to the restroom at a fast trot

Over retching sounds while trying to maintain your dignity you question the value of the shot

The People in the Wall

The hospital room is illuminated only by the monitor when they appear
They sound like friendly people not presenting anything to fear
Their language though unidentifiable seems soft and inviting
The concept of meeting these new souls grows more exciting
They come only in darkness but doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all
For the last three nights these visions invited me to join them while it’s business as usual in the hall
The familiar voices during the day were always hushed and conversation the same
“No change from yesterday; I think he knows we’re here; he’s so young what a shame”
Yet the direct sincere tone of the physicians let me know I’m not coming back
Life had been good, surrounded by beautiful faces for years until the heart attack
My days now consist of acceptance, needle sticks and a two minute visit by the floor nurse
I wish I could tell her to help the savable but as for me unplug and call the hearse
Tonight I’m joining my new friends and catch up with the loved ones that left long ago
Standing on now youthful legs, I step through the wall and to new and familiar faces I say “Hello”

Dog Shadows


Entry was easy, the unlocked window nudged up without much strain

Stalking slowly muffling claws on the hardwood, these people must be slain

Carol’s eyes snapped open, there was that rhythmic clicking sound again

The house is always quiet, then the soft rustle and movement in the den

Greg was out of town, another sales seminar and won’t be back until Friday

Cassie, her two year old asleep in her princess bed three steps down the hallway

In the faint light she glimpsed the dark shadow of some dog like beast

Her mind screaming, ‘it’s just an illusion, not a ghost of a brute long since deceased.”

Cracking open her door trying to quiet her pounding heart and shaking knees

She took a deep breath to regain composure hoping to see nothing causing her to freeze

The light swept down the hall revealing nothing. Then came that low soft growl

She thought she’d heard it before, like a warning from an animal on a prowl

Feeling the hair stand on her arms, she gently called Cassie’s name

Cassie, oh please baby don’t be playing some kind of game”

Trying not to panic, Carol’s mind feverishly worked for this to make some sense

Maybe this is a dream started when that wolfish dog charged the fence

It was an early fall day, and the three of them had been on a walk around the block

When hateful Mr Guyler’s gargantuan mutt Simba had rattled the pickets and lock

After the dog had terrified the family, Greg started a petition to have Simba put down

Mr Guyler was outraged screaming at Greg, “just who was he to throw his weigh around?”

The court ruled in Greg’s favor that Simba was a nuisance and needed to be destroyed

A hysterical Mr Guyler was led away, the eyes of the jurors he tried to avoid

You people don’t understand, “ bellowed Mr Guyler. “Simba was more than a stray”

He’ll be in your nightmares, your lives, your children’s lives, you’ll have hell to pay”

Now two months later the torment has started, two are children missing, only clues blood and glass

There are no additional traces, no weapon, no ransom note, no footprints in the grass

Mr Guyler proclaimed his innocence, his dog had been destroyed, he had nothing to add

Now it was just Carol to fend for her baby with a flashlight. The only weapon she had

Dammit Greg your self righteous gun control rhetoric is not doing me any good now”

We’ll have a discussion on this, we need to consider what kind of weapon you would allow”

Snapping on her light and pushing open Cassie’s door the beam revealed the glow of yellow eyes

Carol saw her baby was gone, a wail formed on her lips, in her mind the clarity of one who dies

The creature launched at Carol with unimaginable speed, fangs bared and a banshee shriek

She felt it’s claws hook her chest, her throat was torn away, her blood lapped by this ghoulish freak

Suddenly the monster lifted it’s head, sniffed the air, crashed through the window and was gone

The house was still again, the only noise was the tick of a clock and the sputter of sprinklers on the lawn

Little Ankles


The hidden mouse hole in the vent under the bed was just large enough

His eyes glittered in the dark while he slid through as it wasn’t rough

The storage box on the floor provided cover and a good point of view

For the mouse that was recently by there looking for something to chew

The bed springs above creaked and and he heard a small voice call for Mother

Alert, quietly sniffing the air, waiting for a mouse or something other

The door swung open with a cheery voice and the rustle of a house coat

The bunny slippers looked so real. “Maybe I could strike quickly at the throat.”

But the long legs in the rabbits would be a challenge and hard to digest

Thinking better of an attack,he put down his head and continued to rest.

Then above him, he sensed motion, a smaller movement then the one in the door

The springs bounced with a cheerful noise and the little ankles landed on the floor

Only these feet were small and delicate as were the legs, a definite possibility

“Something that small would fill my void and is well within my capability.”

The young voice asked. “Mommy after drinking my milk can I go out to play?”

This conversation happening only inches from where the big reptile lay.

Then a smooch sound a giggle and the little ankles were lifted away

With his tongue flicking, the long vigil resumed waiting on his prey

“Honey, what is this?” the young mother asked looking looking at the vacuum can

She was looking at several oblong objects each looking like half a pecan

“Why on earth,” the husband asked. “Are you sorting through the vacuum and dust pan?”

“I’ve been finding these under the bed and behind the settee.”

The young mother continued. “They look like droppings of mouse poo to me.”

The husband took note and noticed the shape and mumbled he might agree

“Okay,” he said. “We’ll find us a good exterminator man.”

“One that will come out just once and not try to sell us a long term plan.”

“You might have a problem a little bigger than mice.”

The uniformed man spoke to the mother while holding a trap device.

“I’ll put a few of these out and head down to your crawl space.”

“Not to alarm but I’ll carry my bag and snake hook just in case.”

He took a while under the house, she could him cough and wheeze

He then appeared with cob webs in his hair and dirt on his knees

He held one long snake skin in his hand that draped to the floor

“This is all I found I didn’t find anything more.”

“The snake might have moved on looking for something to eat.”

“When they don’t have a reason to stay they have a tendency to retreat.”

“So you mean it’s gone?” Asked the woman in a voice tinged with fear.

She demanded, “I want it gone or killed and none anywhere near.”

“I think it’s gone I can’t tell for sure, but I’ll seal the cracks so it can’t get in.”

“That should be the last of him and I will dispose of this skin.”

“But I’ll tell you a secret that you may have thought out.”

“Most homes unless really closed up have a snake or two without a doubt.”

So he caulked up the cracks on the outside and all along the baseboard

Anyplace around the house the slithering animal might have explored

“I’m sure that’s got it ma’am your house is now tight as a tick.”

“If any small cracks develop a shot of silicone sealer should do the trick.”

The young mother paid for the service, relieved the work was complete

And to not have to worry about what was crawling near their feet

That night after putting her daughter to bed and turning out the light

She didn’t notice the lump under the stuffed bear looked not quite right

Under the happy bluebird sheets the lump started to uncoil

The sheets were tucked in very tightly causing him to toil

Tonight the little ankles were his, where he had hidden still and unseen

As the little feet came into view, he wanted to wish all Happy Halloween.

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