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Top Secret Documents Revealed

IMG_1038Recently during a sweeping of the House Floor, the cleaning staff uncovered some top secret documents

These apparently came from a drunken democrat passed out at his desk after losing the impeachment arguments

He was found in a fetal position producing only moans and spit bubbles while covered with what looked like a torn up speech

He thought a last gasp vote might remove that trespassing oaf from office but the final tally proved out of reach

But as he was rolled over these forms were trapped between his briefcase and his flask

It seems as a member of a secret voter registration committee he had been assigned a task

Found in a pool of sweat were documents to relocate individuals claiming refugee status

Promised was a better life, healthcare and unemployment benefits all issued gratis

There was also a document to be signed that read “antes de obtener todas las cosas gratis usted debe registrarse para ser un demócrata”

Also included was a temporary work visa and a plane ticket to Imlay, Nevada

Roughly translated the statement says, “before you get all the free stuff you must sign up to be a democrat.

This figures a way to eliminate that vile Electoral College and let the republican party be a political doormat

The map shows distribution points for individuals claiming refugee status like product leaving a packer

All are sent to battleground states and followed on phones and computers by the democrat developed app tracker

Ensuring in a short time the red states now in majority will turn blue

And the progressive objectives of government dependence will be the rule and the dream of apple pie and American flag will be through

Did Hollywood Sanction White Privilege

Growing up in the fifties movies and television influenced impressionable minds

The images flickering across the screens produced ties that binds

Before Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, television was that era’s social media

If information was needed a phone wasn’t in play just the cumbersome encyclopedia

The politically correct industry has preached emphatically about white entitlement

The media railed against this unthinking concession with vile resentment

Social media, aspiring candidates, and celebrities decry this birthright

However, these same groups promoted this concept to keep all things white

As kids we sat in front of the black and white console clad in our Mickey Mouse ears

And watched the white t-shirted white kids sing and dance as Mousketeers

The whiteness of this group wasn’t an issue as we kids were all fans

However the brightness coming through the picture tube made us all wish for Ray Bans

Cartoon characters drawn in black were sassy cats, crows, or an agitated duck

If you were looking for a black role model you were out of luck

Amos and Andy, Tarzan’s natives and Our Gang’s Little Rascals with Buckwheat

Were stereotyped caricatures and all part of Hollywood’s quiet deceit

The entertainment industry grew a conscience after discovering a third color of green

It just may not be pure poison to show a person of color on the silver screen

American Bandstand showed bands playing both pop music and soul tunes

One realized all people could enjoy music and dance on Saturday afternoons

Weekly shows demonstrated that blacks and whites could interact

Networks added black people cast in recurring roles that had an impact

Star Trek’s Uhura, Mannix’s Peggy, and Julia all had starring roles

Give Mission Impossible’s Barney wire and a battery, he could sabotage bad guys’ controls

The pre-cable/satellite network industry flourished in the next couple of decades

However detective shows and wealthy elite sagas were best viewed through shades

Shows of color seemed to morph into thirty minute comedies of kids cracking wise

Creating a real life classroom situation that teachers grew to despise

Finally networks and movies began to show leadership roles in a different light

Corporate boardrooms seeing a depleting viewership realized all stars need not be white

Diversity became the collective buzzword to keep their investors in tow

One wouldn’t want any bad publicity leaking to the press to damage their profitable show

Politically correct agendas were trumpeted by those stepping from around the corner

Award shows became bully pulpits for high profile celebrities ranting in mock horror

Public Broadcasting lectured all with a haughty attitude preening for their pretentious fans

While watching the British comedies, Downton Abbey and Poldark through their Ray Bans

Want Ad Translator


It was Sunday, the paper’s heavy and the Classified section thick

Bills  are due, employment was needed and not a lot of room to cherry pick

Some new employment want ads might be a possible opportunity

A new posting even shows a job hiring in a nearby community

Closer inspection reveals the job description might need translation

Years of experience helped peruse the ads to avoid future frustration

Certain phrases hoist the red flags and should be discussed during the interview

Notices always promises stability, excellent conditions and part of a progressive crew

However what is written and real life might be the difference of night and day

A  quick look at some of the phrases might eliminate frustration and paycheck dismay

Fast Paced Environment: Meaning you’re in over your head from day one

As we have no training program you’ll work slavishly until deciding cut and run

Must be Flexible: We are short staffed, our place is a mess, you’d better be good with a broom

Oh and three days a week, be early as you’ll be mopping and scrubbing the restroom

Must be accurate: Pay attention to every detail, have positive attitude, and be highly organized

Our manager is a nit picker, tattles to the boss for minor infractions, so you will be scrutinized

Huge Opportunity for Growth: We’re broke and have only twenty four dollars in our bank account

An immediate need for you to land three huge clients within the week would be paramount

Must be a Team Player and able to Multitask: We are undisciplined and have no faith in our current staff

You’ll fill in when a deadbeat doesn’t show up, you’ll do his job and yours, but first you need a polygraph

Salary Commensurate with Experience: This phrase means we’re not planning on paying the new employee squat

You better be willing to work long hours for the minimum,  if expecting more wear clothes that make you look hot.

Years of want ad followup has led me to these conclusions, the job just might not be as the ad appears

So I’ll tell the unemployment lady I’m still out looking and have myself a few more beers.



Today’s Instant News

RcdK6nXc9Back in the day when newspapers were current and TV offered clips from hours ago

We were able to believe what was reported based on belief in the media’s say so

If we saw it in print, on the screen, on ink and paper or from the anchor’s chair

You knew the facts were truthful as they offered up the who, what, why, when and where

In today’s society all has changed, the news is controlled by conglomerates chasing the buck

Integrity has been replaced with half truths, innuendo, and sensationalism run amok

The former journalism students were schooled to provide unbiased reporting

The news would be fair and balanced without personal opinions distorting

Now the channels need to provide instant updates on mundane subjects as breaking news

Quote anonymous sources, slant the facts, and find a new fall guy to abuse

No longer report on the journalism basics of who, what, why, when and where

Just be aware that your corporate employer is watching both you and the market share

So lets take a look at reporting in today’s world of the five W’s

In an attempt to capture the ratings it has become standard practice to play fast and loose.

Who: Collectively send the entire team out to destroy the Republicans and Donald Trump

The reporting industry is still smarting from the election and looking like a chump

Like battered boxers they’ve come out of their corners swinging for a knockout

Their heavyweight contender was a ten to one favorite and to have won in a rout

The corporate employers poured praise and money into their loser’s campaign

They failed to realize that the opposition spoke to silent voters in language considered plain

He traveled the whole country speaking clearly and won an election considered unwinnable

The fact that he won at all was a shock to all democratic boosters and a loss unthinkable

What: A strategy has emerged to take down this outside boisterous impostor

A call to arms has been issued to attack the administration and cause ill will to foster

Challenge every attempt at campaign promises creating illusions that nothing needs fixing

Paint that glorious skewed picture of the previous years to get people reminiscing

People are gullible, shallow and malleable as mass media is positive of that fact

Holler long and loud and everyone will be sure the election was rigged and the Russians hacked

Why: The why is easy, credibility has come into play as the wound is open and raw

The democrats are scrambling, their old guard torpedoed, they fear their last hurrah

GE, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner are upping their game to make logic appear antiquated

Their contributions now for naught, they must make conservatism appear contaminated

The white bread college professors are under the gun to spew venom from their insulated world

Between the academic lectures and media onslaught voters will follow, liberal banners unfurled

When: The rallying cry is now and into the future, new blood must be solicited and found

A new up and comer must be programmed on the liberal closed minded policies to expound

The media needs to regain control of the voters and brainwash with the drivel they sell

Done immediately the voters will fall in line and ignore the rat they might start to smell

Where: Everywhere one looks, on your phones, on your screens and in your newspapers.

Make sure it’s understood the world is probably going to end as quoted by the doomsayers

Be the lemmings march to the cliff and prepare to blindly follow where the media leads

Thinking is discouraged by the mass media, their propaganda promotes the ignorance on which it feeds

Reality TV: Election Edition


Through the last 60 years America has embraced some form of Reality Television

The public has become so blasé this form of entertainment played into this year’s decision

Let’s take a look at this concept and see how it may have applied from shows over the years

Perhaps future campaigns might eliminate debates and turn to programming as electioneers

CANDID CAMERA: Have a person sitting with kids holding pictures of candidates and Peppa Pig

The kids would all vote for Peppa if given the choice because the man was wearing a “cheap wig”

And they said the lady looked like Sally’s mean old Aunt who had recently departed

Then they all rolled about the floor and giggled uncontrollably because little Johnny farted

QUEEN FOR A DAY: Four women have to tell their tales of woe to the studio crowd

The winner is the hopeful who’s eruption on the Applause-O-Meter was the most loud

Hillary, Carly, Jill and Lynn all had a shot at their own brand of commiseration

Each story was accompanied by pleading gestures and anguished tears for voter consideration

Hillary was the clear audience choice winning in an outright landslide

Shady land deals, failed foreign policies, missing e-mails and may be criminally tried

She definitely seemed to surge to the lead while the other participants cried

The remaining women had grievous stories of struggles and suffering on their way to the top

But the Applause-O-Meter needle pegged as Hillary’s story was cream of the crop

THE DATING GAME: A comely miss would ask gentlemen questions to determine her date

The answer would aid the lass in determining with whom she could best relate

“Bachelor #1, If on a date you grabbed my genitals how should I respond?”

“You should feel honored,” answers #1 “As I am a big fish in a small pond.”

The young lady shocked by the last answer advised, “My next question is for Bachelor #3.’

“If you were a married President and I was your VP’s daughter, would you sleep with me?”

“Yes I would,” said #3. “And any woman that looked at me twice.”

“Just be in my vicinity and I would consider that an attempt to entice.”

COPS: We’re riding With Sergeant Ellison of the DC white collar crime division on patrol

He states, “Trying to bust the real bad frauds and cheats is our main goal.”

On for years“Bad Boys Bad Boys” the catchy theme for the program goes

Unfortunately for DC there’s not enough investigators to decide who to depose

SURVIVOR: This game pits contestants against each other under inhumane situations

The camera angles have to be precise as to not show today’s catering truck presentations

This current edition pits Clinton against Trump in mudslinging warfare

As it turns out, after a year and a half neither seemed the worse for wear

AMERICAN IDOL: Judges get to pick the contender singing the sweetest guarantee

Regrettably the judges deadlocked as both challengers were continuously off key

THE AMAZING RACE: This show pits two entrants competing  shouting catch phrases

With photo ops and angry speeches trying to win the Nation’s peoples’ praises

Each nominee schemed and then decided on a different path to win the race

The winner went out and beat the bushes, the loser didn’t leave her metropolitan built in fan base

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: A timed event to amaze judges with their talent in nothing flat

Both candidates were gang buzzed inside ten seconds and we’ll leave it at that

THE APPRENTICE: The President Elect interviews potential Cabinet hopefuls he wants hired

Only this time serious damage might be done before he gets to say “You’re Fired.”

THE BIGGEST LOSER: Hopefully this show won’t turn out to be the American voters

As betting on a long shot is usually only championed by carnival snake oil promoters

Time For Dr. Dan: The Late Night Discount Cosmetic Surgeon Man


Friends, we’ll be right back to the show. Hello and welcome, Dr Dan here

Do you wish upon waking in the morning your youthful looks would reappear

With the help of our newly remodeled Discount Cosmetic Surgery, you can

Whether you’re tucking in your mommy floppies or own a rear the size of a sedan

Our trained staff at the clinic can turn your current look into tomorrows beauty

So you can have the divine figure, more hair and a jaw dropping booty

Don’t forget to ask about one of our many legendary discount specials

We offer our popular two for one deals that covers the essentials

Guys, our hair clinic can add hair Daniel Boone might want to skin

And we can liposuction that beer belly to make you look thin

For you ladies we can pull up those boobs to again point the way

And tighten the chin and crows feet to keep Mr. Age at bay

If your face needs a little tweak or a complete renovation

Call the 800 number on the screen for more information`

Think your budget can’t handle looking good

We offer plenty of discount specials when you think you could

Our expert specialists can transplant hair one at a time

After a $200 deposit each follicle implant is only a dime

That tattoo your ex boyfriend said would be a good idea

Who’s now doing hard time and gave you gonorrhea

For just a few dollars, we can laser it off with little pain

You pay only by the inch and we won’t leave a stain

Our low cost Botox will make your lips look like bratwurst

Your date won’t be able to turn away when those lips are pursed

Tired of your neighbors talking about your schnoz challenged daughter

Saying she could breathe through her nose while submerged in water

With our easy payment plan she’ll have a nose like a pixie

And when we say we can do that we ain’t whistling Dixie

Finally don’t forget about our biannual Moonlight Madness Sale

From seven to twelve our fabulous bargains will prevail

Discounts are huge and prices are slashed

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Give yourself the radiant look you know you deserve

One lucky grand prize winner gets to reach into our Basket O’ Breasts

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Should you not be 100% satisfied we’ll replace them for free

When it’s time to refresh yourself, after age takes its toll

Come see us and by the way,  Hablamos Español

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So you can once again be stepping out like a king and a queen



“Thank you for coming Ms.Hinton and please have a seat.”

“We The People are delighted to have a chance to meet.”

“We’ll take a quick look at your resume, if you have any comments please pipe in.”

“So if you’re comfortable where you are let us begin.”

“It says here you graduated from Yale Law School.”

“And if I may call you Billary that would be cool.”

“It was not long before landing a job with the House Judiciary Committee.”

“You tried to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel as you took no pity.”

“Then conspired to violate the Constitution by hiding precedent files from public view.”

“Nothing was ever proven,” Billary replied. “So those accusations are untrue.”

“Continuing on, it looks like you left the East Coast to follow your husband to Arkansas.”

“That’s correct, I went to work at Rose Hips Law Firm to dispense my take on the the law.”

“I called my husband Saxophone Willie as he liked to play with his horn.”

“And to have my shot to uphold the laws of the State as Willie has sworn.”

“You see I thought with Willie in charge as a bonus you got my judgment too.”

“His office would give me a lot of camera face time to help with my real dream to pursue.”

“So tell me about Whitewater, “said We the People. “And all that land swindle stuff.”

“Well,” she replied, “Nothing about that was ever tied to me.” Her voice angry and in a huff.

“Ma’am there are records here that shows you were involved,” stated We The People.

“Also shown is documentation of a loan official you attempted to wheedle.”

“From what I read this seems to be a veiled attempt to deceive the financial regulators.”

Again she smiled, “I was never charged with anything at all by the investigators.”

“Well let me take a second to recap the next few years of your political life.”

“They don’t seem smooth at all, in fact filled with bitterness and strife.”

“At first all was good after you went to Washington to become first lady of the United States.”

“So you now had the opportunity to have your seal on a set of White House plates.”

“It seems that as First Lady you were put in charge of a healthcare plan.”

“So instead of seasoned lawmakers, Willie decided you were best to carry the can.”

“The proposal was conceived and presented but only after the budget had been ratified.”

“And the request for additional mega dollars left the voting lawmakers mortified.”

“With the plan rejected, your time was spent defending Willie when he played with his horn.”

“And hoping that you would look stronger while trying to deflect the American people’s scorn.”

“The term First Lady meant not in charge, so maybe Senator would work out better.”

“This would slide you out of Saxophone Willie’s shadow and show you to be a true go-getter.”

“As a Senator from New York, you promised an increase in jobs.”

“You then passed along a small grant to Corning, sort of a softball lob.”

“But that did virtually nothing to increase employment in your district.”

“But to the voting public, there didn’t appear much intent to conflict.”

“But Corning was later to send many dollars to your campaign and foundation.”

“During your reign thousands of jobs disappeared, said to be economic fluctuation.”

“Seven bills were introduced by you and all seven were defeated.”

“You felt that insiders were against you by the way you were treated.”

“So forget trying to work as a team player, time to run for the President of the United States.”

“You were then defeated by an unknown man who blew past you from the starting gates.”

“It was failure by you not to realize that the young and minorities had a very strong voting bloc.”

“To ignore a large vote based on your arrogance, he had an easy time gathering his flock.”

“Later to keep you under his thumb he asked you to work for him as Secretary of State.”

“Putting on a brave front, you silently fumed your actions were his to delegate.”

“So you went out to the world to show what we represent.”

“What was left behind was a trail of ruined relationships to a large extent.”

“It seems you presented the Russian Foreign Minister with a red button reset.”

“An attempt to forgive Soviet transgressions with a silly toy was met by an eye rolling nyet.”

“The support of Egypt’s leader Morsai whom you called a peacemaker.”

“And poured billions of tax dollars into this mover and shaker.”

“The people of Egypt then overthrew your chosen man of peace.”

“As the United States influence in the middle east continued to decrease.”

“You were served with an extra large pie of crow and you had a giant slice.”

“As our former allies turned to Putin and Russia and didn’t think twice.”

“This resume states you couldn’t be bothered and played your fiddle while Benghazi burned.”

“And the calls for help prior to the attack went unanswered as you were not concerned.”

“The dead naked U.S. Ambassador was dragged through the streets but not before being tortured and raped.”

“To which you replied in a condescending tone to the inquiry, ‘What difference does it make?”

“It apparently didn’t make much difference to you, but we need to end our talk.”

“We see that you have the ability to hide the truth, you know, walk the politicians’ walk.”

We The People then asked another question. “Do you have much more to highlight?”

Oh, I have a lot more to discuss,”said Billary. “And nothing a court can use to indict.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the short version for you the people to judge.”

“This should clarify my ability as a lawmaker so you won’t hold a grudge.”

“Though I sent my toadie into Iran to start the discussions on the nuclear deal.”

“I wasn’t there when the treaty was signed so I can’t be accused of an attempt to conceal.”

“I set up in my basement and used a private server to send and receive texts.”

“And covered it up by acting innocent, confused and perplexed.”

“Saxophone Willie had to give up his honorary position at Laureate International University.”

“It was a pay for profit school open to all people with their last dollars as one of my nods to diversity.”

“I’ve changed my stance on several items to appease this current crop of voters.”

“This has to happen as I tour different regions of the country as I am my favorite promoter.”

“I’m now for free college, revamped healthcare, and a feel good tax reform.”

We The People nodded their heads and said, “tax increases by your party run true to form.”

”You’re big into climate change, gun control and wiping out student loans.”

“With that in mind, the National Debt must be an item to condone.”

“So now it’s time now to bring in the next contender.”

“And perhaps this person might not be a multi infraction offender.”

“It looks like you have all the qualifications to be a first rate  Washington democrat.”

“Hopefully you can pull the wool over naive voters eyes before they smell a rat.”

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