The field trip was the big event for the week. The progressive pre-k was going to the Trans Zoo

The little wokesters were all excited to see the new breed of animals from the strutting ostriches to the flamboyant kangaroo

The kids all piled off the minibus with their name tags and official Trans Zoo coloring book

Squealing with delight at the rogue elephant wearing eye shadow, the lioness wearing a wig, and the penguin in high heels, they all pressed closer to get a better look

The woke teachers were quick to point out how these animals were special, and they were different from just boys and girls

Just like that big gorilla in a dress and a hat accentuated by the double strings of pearls

The kids shrieked loudly as the trained giraffes performed a strange dance wearing rhinestone g-strings

And they cheered and clapped at the pink flamingos that had dyed their feathers purple only seen when they spread their wings

“You see kids, you don’t have to grow up to be just boys or girls,” stated the teacher’s aide.

Proudly observing she could see the little kids’ minds turning hoping her message of gender dysphoria had been properly conveyed

The children were all nodding like they understood until little Johnny raised his hand

“What happened to the petting zoo?” It used to be over there where it’s now a stage and a grandstand”

“What happened to the babies? Last time we were here we got to feed a little llama”

“We fed it milk from a bottle that was made by its mama”

“Well Johnny,” stated the aide, “There are no more babies as these animals can’t make a little one”

“You see Johnny, these animals were operated on, so they can never have a daughter or a son”

“These animals are special. The zoo decided that in order to be different they should never be able to reproduce”

“That’s not fair,” screamed little Johnny. “We should be able to feed the babies and not just look at a panty hose wearing moose”

“Besides without babies this zoo won’t be here very long.”

“These animals are going to get old and no one wants to look at a decrepit pig with lipstick wearing a thong”