Some 500 years ago the Ming reinforced the Great Wall of China to keep invaders out

Centuries in the making the wall was patrolled by armed countrymen along the 1300 mile route

For ages various Kingdoms made their moats deep and their wall high

Armed with the weapons of that era the walls protected the peasants the King depended on for his food supply

Fast forward to August 13, 1961 and the Berlin Wall was constructed and patrolled by armed guards to keep their citizens in

These people had a look at communism and were fleeing the totalitarian government and the individual freedom suffocation that would bring

On January 7, Washington built its own wall and this one isn’t protecting their border

Reinforced by 25,000 troops with automatic weapons this barrier was constructed to restore order

It seems this wall and bullets were there to protect the ruling class from their own citizens

Erected because a group of largely unarmed protesters were expressing their sheer displeasure in the leftist visions

Looking like a documentary newsreel the razor wire, the armed guards and military vehicles were giving the world a new American perspective

That just maybe the newly elected party’s views were idealistic but realistically very defective

Surrounding themselves with a war strength battalion of soldiers simply because for a few minutes the completely insulated lawmakers felt the same terror and panic the underprivileged feel on a daily basis

The criminal gangs living in the liberal vacuum run rampant daily in their staked out territories as the underserved remain faceless

To counter the gangs’ terroristic freedom and escalating crime, Washington has decided to disarm it’s law abiding citizens

The elites, who have long forgotten their constituents might just need to defend themselves, are proposing a gun grab costing these same tax paying citizens millions

This won’t affect the gangs at all as the judicial system has a soft spot for these lawless thugs

“They had a terrible upbringing so turn them loose,” is the cry as the gangsters laugh up their sleeves and continue to traffic drugs

Maybe Berlin was right, build a wall around Washington just to keep the lawmakers in

And like Siamese fighting fish kept in close quarters they’ll devour each other and that would be a good thing