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Teachers Union

“We Don’t Need No Education”

Sacrificing education in the name of covid is again the driver behind the Teachers Union latest command

The virus has been a godsend to the Union as it means more money and the continued opportunity to rule with a heavy hand

Quoting The Wall by Pink Floyd’s album released in 1979 about an individual’s spiraling descent into diminishing mental health

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!” is the mantra that seems to be the Union’s impulse behind every opportunity to close all schools and increase their wealth

Called out for their woke criteria, the school closures can remain until the parents give in to this agenda and classes can resume

Once again Pink Floyd stated there should be “No dark sarcasm in the classroom”

Keep students and parents in limbo, have instructors appear only as a digital figure on a monitor, dictating from cyberspace what is right and what is wrong

Keep pupils isolated, controlled only by droning images from a screen, and continue the monotony all year long

Subject retention, scholastic achievement, and social activities are all a thing of the past

Lagging behind in yearly curriculum, depression, drug use, and thoughts of suicide spurred on by the ever present social media are the concepts that will last

A future generation that won’t function in society, because thanks to the Teachers Union they’ll be left unprepared and dumb

But the Mexican cartels will celebrate as the illegal fentanyl use will increase to leave this group of reality eluding students “Comfortably Numb”

So raise a toast to the Teachers Union as they will play a major role in America’s fall

Because “All in all it’s just another brick in the wall”

When They Finally Return Will They Be Worth a Damn?

The question startled her. She’d been focused on her phone and Facebook

She’d completely missed the inquiry hoping the computer’s camera didn’t capture her dirty look

She’d grown accustomed to four hours repetition of hum drum Zoom lessons to a distracted group of students

All the while texting and giggling to fellow educators the fact that some of her pupils closely resembled teenaged mutants

Her county’s schools had been shut down for over a year though strange at first now this part time job at full time pay was a breeze

The Teachers Union was adamant, no one will return as long as they can hide behind the disease

But a new order was issued, teachers were to return to the classroom for one day a week.

Originally thinking the Zoom thing would never work, soon one realized they could haphazardly prepare for this new technique

Perhaps we can hide behind the Teachers Union demanding prior to returning all have the covid shot

As it seems between Biden’s promise and those annoying parents the whole world has their panties in a knot

The parents can be the worst, having to answer questions about goals and agenda when we all know they’re using us a babysitters

Besides no one misses lunch room duty, bus patrol, or time expended on school events, recent memories all causing jitters

The reality of returning to the classroom, the daily commute or just putting up with the kids trying to teach subjects that you’ll need to reintroduce

It may seem easy to the outsiders but to teachers now used to ducking out early this can only be considered abuse

Teach Your Children

The answers to an online pandemic pop quiz that no one took had just been issued

The Teachers Union decided to strike so the sanitized but empty classrooms continued

Emphasizing to the children that they are a pawn in this politicized disease

And run screaming into the night every time a student might sneeze

Allow the kids to lose at least a year of education as they disappear into a wifi world

As the new leftist gender bashing flag is raised and the banner unfurled

The teachers have been handed a carte blanche right to expose pupils to their own hatred, frustrations and broken dreams

For not being the CEO, beauty queen or top athlete, haunting the students class work as part of the one gender scheme

Instruct five year olds in their right to identity choice and ridicule the kid with the Paw Patrol lunch box

Question the students’ whiteness, deride the Constitution and treat women athletes as second class jocks

Let the transgender woman who couldn’t cut it on a men’s team, be dominant as a female instilling a warped sense of power

And as a bonus use the women’s locker room and watch the women shower

The virus has been a true tool for the Teachers Union ultimate goal

That is to stay both seemingly relevant and in control

Turning out scores of functional illiterates keeping the low income government funded housing filled

As leftist radicals and unions count on the second rate education to keep their voters ignorant and unskilled

So thank the frenetic democratic mail in campaign and deal with the voters’ remorse no matter how grim

Because the man elected and heading this radical change will have forgotten about you long before you forget about him

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