Washington’s elite were positively giddy. With the non-stop border crossings, suddenly there was a whole new generation of working class

The last group of manual laborers had become restless demanding this, demanding that and had become a royal pain in the ass

But now there were millions crossing the border and the ruling class gleefully acknowledge the Republican citizens will never give these non-citizens a chance to vote

So now the the DC royalty have a new generation of people to wash their limos, trim their hedges, and their bags to tote

The ruling class now has a chance to blend all recent border crossers in with the long time dreamers they have to managed to avoid for years

Now that Congress can’t tell a dreamer from a new migrant any chance for citizenship suddenly has disappeared

The old lechers on the hill are beside themselves as unaccompanied minors poured across the river and into waiting vans

They were drooling in anticipation to get one of these new innocents in their gnarled hands

Claiming the border is secure and immigration is down, the White House is satisfied with the results

Thanks to the fawning media, a deaf ear is turned to the dottering liar in charge by the everyday people whose intelligence he insults

“My son is innocent, Ukraine is the hot button for worldwide freedom, white supremacy is the root of all evil, and the border is secure”

Only the ignorant, the ruling class, and the true puppet masters spew that line of manure

As the next wave of manual labor flows across the river thinking a better life and prosperity is up for grabs

And now the only advantage this work force has is no one crossing today has to take any of the poisonous jabs