Much has been made in the news about police brutality in recent years

Send the police to quiet a boisterous gathering and a potentially dangerous person is forcibly arrested and the reputation of that department the press smears

With thousands of arrests made daily, mental health, uncontrolled rage, and everyday criminals can create numerous life and death incidents

Add in the idiot cop in Minneapolis, pushing his weight on an individual’s neck setting up a year long vocal and violent anti-cop sentiments

Do the majority of well-meaning hard working cops deserve this notoriety?

Obviously not. For the most part they serve the people and help protect general society


The pandemic rules and regulations became the cops’ hall pass

Either you follow the commands set by some petty tyrant wallowing in both arrogance and ignorance or the cops will kick your ass

This is the same group defending their restraint and asking for a more wholesome depiction

But watch as they drag a concerned parent away from the mic because some pompous school board member thought the right to interpret the Constitution was within their jurisdiction

Stop everyday citizens on the the street to see if their paperwork was in order and arrest them if they can’t produce

Hiding behind the mask mandate, they have the government backing for their power to abuse

Violently attack peaceful protesters in Canada. Beat and arrest at will

Because the jaundiced oppressor in charge wasn’t satisfied he ordered his own brown shirts to drag pets out of the truck cabs to kill

Cover their names and badge numbers, conceal their faces behind riot helmets, and push through the crowd on horseback trampling an old lady with a walking device

All because a maskless trucker might infect the miniture hula dancer shimmying on the dash or hanging from the mirror, the fuzzy dice

So officers, what’s it gonna be? Are you really the good guys doing a hard job?

Or the brutal storm troopers forcing your anger and prejudices on a peaceful mob?