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Biden vs Mr Zippy the Chimp

The party had once again spoken. The primary was now down to a single human candidate

The rest of the democrats had their moments both in the spotlight and now on stage but failed the debate

Vice President Harris again proved she is little more than a scripted mouthpiece with an annoying giggle

Elizabeth Warren was loud but previous falsehoods and finger pointing had left no room to wiggle

Pete Buttigieg tried to reassure the public of his abilities but had no logical explanation of the supply issues happening on his watch

Hillary announced her candidacy but the party quickly kicked her to the curb as they did not want her having the power for another election to botch

With the runoff ballots printed and the majority rule in place, that only left President Biden and Mr Zippy the roller skating chimp

The ape had put on quite the political show screaming into the mic, rollerskating in circles while tooting his horn, slinging poo, and wearing his campaign slogan stating “Biden is a Wimp”

The monkey’s handlers made sure the voting public knew world leaders weren’t shaking in their boots when Biden spoke

They could care less about what this man said as they knew he always cowed to the crowd that is woke

Due to the invention of videotape, everyone knows that Biden lies, panders to his audience and then taking no questions, runs like a chicken

His action to end the pandemic in short order was hide at the beach and watch the nation with the virus be stricken

Hordes of sweaty confidants huddled feverishly about how to best harvest ballots this time around to ensure a win

The mainstream and social media were at a loss as no amount of false narratives or censorship could cause people now just getting by to believe that spin

And slinging crap at the opponent was now off the table as the monkey was very adept at that sport

So Biden was caught at the podium with the eyes of a deer in the headlights as his former voter base was giving Mr Zippy their support

It was a bad first year. Biden slipped and crashed in monkey poo with every step. His numerous failures were not a good look

He played the American people for fools, misjudged his own prominence, and the popularity of his opponent was just another step he mistook

If You Tell A Lie Big Enough

Joseph Goebbels and Joseph Biden

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Prime Minister of Propaganda was credited with the phrase and forcing Germany to abandon their ideals and to the lie submit

Trump’s handling of COVID was “almost criminal” stated Biden “We’re going to act on day one to get COVID under control”

On day two Biden’s personal puppet of doom stated “We’re still in a serious situation” as the virus raged and the death bell continued to toll

By day five Biden claimed masks not vaccines are the most effective defense

It appears his vaccine policy is non-existent, the vaccines are manufactured but there is no mechanism to dispense

“Nobody making under 400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised. Period. Bingo”

But you’ll pay through the nose on ridiculous taxes and price increases on everything purchased to understand the liar’s lingo

When gas is purchased abroad, the barrel prices will skyrocket and there will be a fuel surcharge added to everything

This won’t hurt the upper crust but heating bills, food and trips to the doctor will cause the middle class to feel the sting

The price of a value meal at the fast food restaurant will top eight bucks as the price of goods and a $15 an hour minimum wage will cause the increase

The harried worker at the drive up window will be covering the jobs of three others who due to costs had been released

It took all of a couple hours to ban any new fracking licenses, killing jobs both current and future as all things gas are considered bad

The promise had been made but he’s in office now and doesn’t care voters in battleground states are seething mad

Hiding behind the thin line of National Guard troops he’s scared the voting public will realize they’ve been played

While preaching Unity his motto really should be “Here, I’ll hold your beer and you drink this kool aid”

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