In days of yore, the 80s, VHS tapes ruled. Movie rental stores were popping up overnight like a mushroom

Everywhere one looked, a retail store would rent you a video that once at home one with a remote could stop and later resume

People waited in long lines to rent or buy the latest movie release to take home and enjoy from the comfort of their easy chair

Sure, the picture wasn’t great, the video needed to be returned in two days, and don’t forget to rewind or suffer through the store clerk’s glare

Suddenly, on the horizon, a new format came into view. It was called laser disc and it was forecast to sweep the nation

This disc was to take the audio-visual world by storm with a crystal clear picture and perfect sound all adding to the hype and celebration

The new disc was the answer to VHS tapes’ clarity issues, broken cassettes, and tape eating playback machines

This new format was touted as the next big thing, a fix to all problems. One can now take their tape player out and smash it to smithereens

But almost as soon as this new product rolled out, massive problems appeared

As with any new product released too soon many issues caused its downfall and was gone in just a few short years after it premiered

Many challenges plagued the discs. They were heavy, did not tolerate any abuse, had to be flipped halfway through a movie, and the players were very expensive.

Fast forward forty years to the laser disc of this generation and the propaganda surrounding the EV is quite intensive

They’re the answer to all the combustion engine problems. No gas is required, no emissions will spew forth and the vehicles can be charged in one’s home

They’re made of plastic, run by a battery, and won’t be decorated with fake wood panels or garish strips of chrome

“You will buy the EV. You won’t question our orders because if you do the earth will die and you will feel the guilt”

This sounds great on the commercial but just don’t turn back the sheets to see what lurks beneath the quilt

Like the laser disc being released too soon, electric vehicles aren’t as rosy as they seem. The batteries are constructed from extremely toxic rare earth minerals mined overseas, the charge takes hours and only lasts a couple hundred miles, the price of electricity is high but not to worry the cars are unaffordable anyway

So buyer beware. Save your pennies, drive your gas car and wait for hydrogen power before you spend your hard-earned pay