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Hillary Clinton

Your Speech is Free as long as We can Regulate It

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Twitter has been sold

Purchased by Elon Musk, the idea being free speech may reappear and can no longer be leftist controlled

Of course this has the socialist media ownership up in arms

The idea that opposing ideas, thoughts and questions being freely posed has set off all kinds of alarms

Senator Elizabeth Warren, she of American Indian descent and a minority student at both Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School has stated “there will be rules” to block free speech

Free speech has always been a problem for her as she bought into the Russian collusion and wanted desperately to impeach

The scuff marks in the White House lawn were former President Obama’s as he left office convinced that a certain privileged few should determine what is free speech and what is not

As social media looks like it might move to the center, he advised that dynamic might be “tilting in the wrong direction” Implying believe only in the socialist agenda and anything else is considered a MAGA plot

Hillary, yes that Hillary, she of creating her own massive disinformation crusade attempting to save her faltering campaign, has appealed to the European Union to pass the Digital Services Act

With the threat of public upheaval, by passing this glorified Chinese communist program, the spineless EU will scare themselves into voting for state censorship and will form another gutless pact

It has to be horrifying watching a potential Red Wave washing over election day, leaving one’s New World Order and Climate Change money grab waving in the wind

And the angry voice from the White House comes from your own hand-picked marionette, now a worldwide laughingstock, cognitively deficient, and thin skinned

This time payback might really be a bitch. Disinformation is acceptable if reading about aliens raising wolfboy in the grocery check-out, but never question an open border

As they would feel the right to censor just so much as an opposing thought while lying prone at the feet of New World Order



“Thank you for coming Ms.Hinton and please have a seat.”

“We The People are delighted to have a chance to meet.”

“We’ll take a quick look at your resume, if you have any comments please pipe in.”

“So if you’re comfortable where you are let us begin.”

“It says here you graduated from Yale Law School.”

“And if I may call you Billary that would be cool.”

“It was not long before landing a job with the House Judiciary Committee.”

“You tried to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel as you took no pity.”

“Then conspired to violate the Constitution by hiding precedent files from public view.”

“Nothing was ever proven,” Billary replied. “So those accusations are untrue.”

“Continuing on, it looks like you left the East Coast to follow your husband to Arkansas.”

“That’s correct, I went to work at Rose Hips Law Firm to dispense my take on the the law.”

“I called my husband Saxophone Willie as he liked to play with his horn.”

“And to have my shot to uphold the laws of the State as Willie has sworn.”

“You see I thought with Willie in charge as a bonus you got my judgment too.”

“His office would give me a lot of camera face time to help with my real dream to pursue.”

“So tell me about Whitewater, “said We the People. “And all that land swindle stuff.”

“Well,” she replied, “Nothing about that was ever tied to me.” Her voice angry and in a huff.

“Ma’am there are records here that shows you were involved,” stated We The People.

“Also shown is documentation of a loan official you attempted to wheedle.”

“From what I read this seems to be a veiled attempt to deceive the financial regulators.”

Again she smiled, “I was never charged with anything at all by the investigators.”

“Well let me take a second to recap the next few years of your political life.”

“They don’t seem smooth at all, in fact filled with bitterness and strife.”

“At first all was good after you went to Washington to become first lady of the United States.”

“So you now had the opportunity to have your seal on a set of White House plates.”

“It seems that as First Lady you were put in charge of a healthcare plan.”

“So instead of seasoned lawmakers, Willie decided you were best to carry the can.”

“The proposal was conceived and presented but only after the budget had been ratified.”

“And the request for additional mega dollars left the voting lawmakers mortified.”

“With the plan rejected, your time was spent defending Willie when he played with his horn.”

“And hoping that you would look stronger while trying to deflect the American people’s scorn.”

“The term First Lady meant not in charge, so maybe Senator would work out better.”

“This would slide you out of Saxophone Willie’s shadow and show you to be a true go-getter.”

“As a Senator from New York, you promised an increase in jobs.”

“You then passed along a small grant to Corning, sort of a softball lob.”

“But that did virtually nothing to increase employment in your district.”

“But to the voting public, there didn’t appear much intent to conflict.”

“But Corning was later to send many dollars to your campaign and foundation.”

“During your reign thousands of jobs disappeared, said to be economic fluctuation.”

“Seven bills were introduced by you and all seven were defeated.”

“You felt that insiders were against you by the way you were treated.”

“So forget trying to work as a team player, time to run for the President of the United States.”

“You were then defeated by an unknown man who blew past you from the starting gates.”

“It was failure by you not to realize that the young and minorities had a very strong voting bloc.”

“To ignore a large vote based on your arrogance, he had an easy time gathering his flock.”

“Later to keep you under his thumb he asked you to work for him as Secretary of State.”

“Putting on a brave front, you silently fumed your actions were his to delegate.”

“So you went out to the world to show what we represent.”

“What was left behind was a trail of ruined relationships to a large extent.”

“It seems you presented the Russian Foreign Minister with a red button reset.”

“An attempt to forgive Soviet transgressions with a silly toy was met by an eye rolling nyet.”

“The support of Egypt’s leader Morsai whom you called a peacemaker.”

“And poured billions of tax dollars into this mover and shaker.”

“The people of Egypt then overthrew your chosen man of peace.”

“As the United States influence in the middle east continued to decrease.”

“You were served with an extra large pie of crow and you had a giant slice.”

“As our former allies turned to Putin and Russia and didn’t think twice.”

“This resume states you couldn’t be bothered and played your fiddle while Benghazi burned.”

“And the calls for help prior to the attack went unanswered as you were not concerned.”

“The dead naked U.S. Ambassador was dragged through the streets but not before being tortured and raped.”

“To which you replied in a condescending tone to the inquiry, ‘What difference does it make?”

“It apparently didn’t make much difference to you, but we need to end our talk.”

“We see that you have the ability to hide the truth, you know, walk the politicians’ walk.”

We The People then asked another question. “Do you have much more to highlight?”

Oh, I have a lot more to discuss,”said Billary. “And nothing a court can use to indict.”

“Okay, I’ll give you the short version for you the people to judge.”

“This should clarify my ability as a lawmaker so you won’t hold a grudge.”

“Though I sent my toadie into Iran to start the discussions on the nuclear deal.”

“I wasn’t there when the treaty was signed so I can’t be accused of an attempt to conceal.”

“I set up in my basement and used a private server to send and receive texts.”

“And covered it up by acting innocent, confused and perplexed.”

“Saxophone Willie had to give up his honorary position at Laureate International University.”

“It was a pay for profit school open to all people with their last dollars as one of my nods to diversity.”

“I’ve changed my stance on several items to appease this current crop of voters.”

“This has to happen as I tour different regions of the country as I am my favorite promoter.”

“I’m now for free college, revamped healthcare, and a feel good tax reform.”

We The People nodded their heads and said, “tax increases by your party run true to form.”

”You’re big into climate change, gun control and wiping out student loans.”

“With that in mind, the National Debt must be an item to condone.”

“So now it’s time now to bring in the next contender.”

“And perhaps this person might not be a multi infraction offender.”

“It looks like you have all the qualifications to be a first rate  Washington democrat.”

“Hopefully you can pull the wool over naive voters eyes before they smell a rat.”

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