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When You’re Broke You’ll Be Woke

The brow beating frenzy has continued since inauguration day

“You will toe the line and you will obey”

The best way for people to do as they’re told has been used by the military for years

First you break a person completely down so taking orders will be the course he steers

Immediately put the pandemic fear in everyone. Keep showing the number of daily deaths and let all know they could be next

Track people by watching who takes the jab and who objects

Then force employers to mandate the vaccine or you’ll lose your job

Scream loudly about every naturally occurring variant and encourage the drama queen hysterical mob

Close the schools and keep the children muzzled and afraid

It took America the better part of two years to realize they were played

But that also meant, due to enforced regulations, a lot of middle class businesses went bust

Everything was good, said the man on the camera as long as you obeyed and in him you could trust

So you lost your life’s work, wore your mask, and did what you were told

But the kids weren’t dying, the masks were proven ineffective, and the boosters oversold

Now those lousy middle classers were hollering about empty store shelves and the price of hamburger meat and crackers

We couldn’t hide the inflation numbers from the peoples’ wallets, so we blamed the meat packers

Suddenly it’s only eight months to get this thing done

So let’s push Putin into rolling into Ukraine and blame the insane gas prices on Russia instead of who’s really holding the smoking gun

Smugly state that at six bucks a gallon, how does that electric car look to you?

Frankly, it looks like you may have bitten off more than you can chew

Because in just a few short months your warped vision of untold payola and your small pack of a woke mob

Will be blocked on every proposal and in three years you’re out of a job

You’ll be cursed by today’s children and grandchildren for having to shoulder your ever expanding debt and for treating their parents like pond scum

And leave behind a legacy that will be scorned by future politicians and historians for generations to come


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines insidious as an adjective, “causing harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed.”

The Biden administration currently employs this policy to accept his vision and the fact he prioritizes tax paying citizens in the pecking order as the lowest

He is striving to pressure American folks in conceding to a higher cost of living, the uniform wearing of masks, and being overrun with illegal migrants

His advisors are downright joyful considering the future progressive democrats can cross the border at will since there are no requirements

The areas where these ill prepared and unskilled will settle will bear the burden of schooling and training

It doesn’t matter to DC as this is all in the game plan. Eventually the socialist outcry will result in voting rights and the socialist agenda will win without campaigning

The New Green Deal will become ground zero to raise the tax base and pay for the New World Plan

The once proud America will disappear as manufacturing is outsourced, tech jobs vanish, and farming will be government controlled all happening in a short time span

Gas lines will be long for five dollar gas and people will brag about filling up for only four eighty-nine.

The chip shortage is fictional as software is being developed to track your every move and the new car scarcity is by design

The new chips will allow the government to see your time spent driving, your mileage, time away from your listed address, and with a nod to the new Green Deal, charge you for heat and air

In your new electric auto, driving will be taxable offense, enjoyed only by the privileged so buyer beware

Is this administration out to destroy the middle class? Don’t ask the President as he is just a talking puppet and runs from the press

Forget about creating a better life for your family. When you accept the fact you’re about to become nothing more than a bit of revenue the government will consider that progress

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