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Psst, I Have A Secret

He was done, mission accomplished. His telescripted vision had been enacted and the United States was in turmoil

Inflation was at record highs, gas prices were insane, and half the world was marching toward American soil

The Democratic power brokers had succeeded. They felt secure their game plan had worked and now handed Biden his one way ticket to Delaware

They knew they would have to defeat Trump, so they would anoint a champion of the people, an unknown that would come out of nowhere

This person couldn’t own much a track record to be held against him much like Obama

One that could go after the voters that feel they have no choice but to vote for Trump but have no stomach for all his drama

This new candidate would let it leak he could control the border, lower fuel prices, and stop inflation

The campaign would be non-stop as America was wise to hiding in the basement. This time he would stump the middle of the nation

The MSM would be all in as now they could go after the Orange Man with their usual reckless abandon

They can scream about January 6th, his relentless election diatribes, no tax returns, and not having to listen of chants of “lets go Brandon”

It might be enough as Trump will shoot himself in the foot on multiple occasions before election day

On what was once an almost insurmountable lead, this new person will strike naive Americans as a problem solver and watch Trump’s lead slip away

After retaining the office, the White House will celebrate by watching a defeated Trump continue to cry about rigged elections

And a surprising thing will happen after the new candidate is sworn in. Inflation will still rage, gas will be unaffordable, and people will continue to pour into the US from all directions

If You Tell A Lie Big Enough

Joseph Goebbels and Joseph Biden

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Prime Minister of Propaganda was credited with the phrase and forcing Germany to abandon their ideals and to the lie submit

Trump’s handling of COVID was “almost criminal” stated Biden “We’re going to act on day one to get COVID under control”

On day two Biden’s personal puppet of doom stated “We’re still in a serious situation” as the virus raged and the death bell continued to toll

By day five Biden claimed masks not vaccines are the most effective defense

It appears his vaccine policy is non-existent, the vaccines are manufactured but there is no mechanism to dispense

“Nobody making under 400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised. Period. Bingo”

But you’ll pay through the nose on ridiculous taxes and price increases on everything purchased to understand the liar’s lingo

When gas is purchased abroad, the barrel prices will skyrocket and there will be a fuel surcharge added to everything

This won’t hurt the upper crust but heating bills, food and trips to the doctor will cause the middle class to feel the sting

The price of a value meal at the fast food restaurant will top eight bucks as the price of goods and a $15 an hour minimum wage will cause the increase

The harried worker at the drive up window will be covering the jobs of three others who due to costs had been released

It took all of a couple hours to ban any new fracking licenses, killing jobs both current and future as all things gas are considered bad

The promise had been made but he’s in office now and doesn’t care voters in battleground states are seething mad

Hiding behind the thin line of National Guard troops he’s scared the voting public will realize they’ve been played

While preaching Unity his motto really should be “Here, I’ll hold your beer and you drink this kool aid”

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