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Arizona Called Early? Blame It On Homer

A little to the right, uh uh, move the foil, hold it right there, that’s good
It was time for The Simpsons and the rabbit ears needed adjusting to receive the best picture you could

A few years ago Fox Network was a second tier channel but did feature a couple of lovable losers Homer and Al Bundy
Viewers related to to these two stumbling through life like everyday was a Monday

But the Fox executives wanted more, they realized with the right programs they could have a big time organization
In order to pull in large blocs of viewers showing sports was their rationalization

It was then Fox threw tons of money to buy the rights to NFL broadcasts complete with fancy graphics and bantering talking heads
Also jumping on baseball and car racing and for another group of lovable losers, advising point spreads

Realizing the bar didn’t need to be set too high to attract American viewers, Fox just needed to fill a void
Looking around the executives realized that conservatives were shut out of all newscasts they had previously enjoyed

Fox News was created to attract the traditional watcher and fill in that vacant time slot
And soon disillusioned viewers from other networks were tuning in and Fox had another jackpot

In this progressive world the conservative perspective will not last long. The broadcasters might sing one song but behind the scenes another is being sung
The filthy rich owner’s newly woke children now can isolate from the working class and control conservatives from the top rung

So when Fox News calls Arizona early in the evening, very simply one can blame Homer
Because calling Fox network a conservative channel would be a misnomer

It should then come as no surprise during Fox’s mindless hit show The Masked Singer even though it’s not your cup of tea
‘When the person wearing the giant fish head is revealed it might just be Chairman Xi.

To Kill A Talking Bird

The prosecution crowd was strutting in, it had been three long years
The man on trial wasn’t one of them, conjuring up their worst fears

In spite of their futile efforts, a new trade agreement was adding another achievement
“That’s not possible, he’s not good for the country.” They all cried boosting their bereavement

“But we finally got him, this ought to end his presidency.”
The fact the previous attempts at a coup bears no relevancy

Not caring their dog and pony show was beginning to look like a third world puppet regime
They were willing to give impeachment a shot so they could again reign supreme

The articles of impeachment were delivered by the trial managers marching across the Capitol looking like refugees from a PacMan game
Even though no one was home at the Senate the managers’ foolish parade appeared to produce no shame

The hand picked managers were to be a diverse group with two traits they all shared
The weasel, a Latino, two black people and a couple soon to be blue haired

The attributes in common are disdain for the American people and their hatred for the President
Taking this man down was their disturbed goal and not caring about the voters they represent

They’ve sharpened both their pencils and their teeth to grill the defense advocates
Hoping the same trial evidence and one new questionable witness won’t be found inadequate

Perhaps the trial after all does have the ability to anger the nation
When the citizens realize the proceedings preempt Days of Our Lives and are forced to watch reruns on the Super Station

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