The lantern had been hung in the church tower. The one light was shining bright, meaning the truckers were coming by land

The hand wringing had started. The White House had no Paul Revere to muster the troops as the truckers drew their line in the sand

End the mandates, use the masks to solve the toilet paper shortage, and stick the jabs where the sun don’t shine

The working class had enough. The self-seeking rules of the CDC and the rest of the pretentious decrees by pompous rulers amounted to no more than casting pearls before swine

The brave Canadian truckers had demonstrated to the world that a heavily politicized disease used to contol a population could only be enforced for so long

The big rigs were quickly joined by farmers’ tractors and everyday vehicles to show to the world that Canada’s weak kneed leader was wrong

Supported by fellow countrymen, they had proven to the autocrats they were fed up with their repressive government regulations

Willing to sacrifice their own livelihood and well-being, they were waving their own signs in defiance of Trudeau’s proclamations

Following in the footsteps of his neighbors to the south and resorting to American political divisiveness, Trudeau took to childish name-calling

First hiding from the chaos, he reappeared when the economy and travel around Ottawa began to tank, but his lack of respect to hard-working Canadians is what most found galling

Now Biden wants it stopped. Perhaps with his own miserable track record, he can team up with Trudeau to star in the 2022 version of Dumb and Dumber.

Add in the crackerjack Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who as usual will accomplish nothing, and the three stooges can all hold hands and skip off to Biden’s beachfront home to spend the summer

What a long strange trip it’s been,”sang the Greatful Dead in their song Truckin’

In one seemingly endless year the government was able to take a thriving economy and throttle it down to the point of sucking

But just like the cowboy thrown from his bronc, he shakes it off and gets back on to keep on buckin’

The truckers will roll with the government punches and park their big rigs when it’s necessary to KEEP ON TRUCKIN’